Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow in Atlas Swallowtail

My Rouge Bunny Rouge love turned to lust a few months ago. In June, I featured Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow ($40.32) in Velvet Fritillary, purchased from Zuneta. The neutral khaki with golden undertones was so pretty, it left me gasping. I knew I needed at least one more of the lovely cream shadows.

After deliberating for a month, I selected Atlas Swallowtail. Described as a satin wash of nude taupe with pewter reflections, buildable to a darker, more opaque, and metallic hue of the same shade, it sounded like a soul mate. Taupe, in all of its complex manifestations, may be a perfect eye shadow shade for me. Atlas Swallowtail has joined my favorite taupes I keep in a special place.

When my package from Zuneta arrived last week, it was one of the first items I tried. I had to dole out my new goodies one at a time in an attempt to survive the long weekend with a makeup treat for every day. I couldn't resist the cream shadow for long, though. Out came Atlas Swallowtail, and a deep satisfaction rolled through me. Just like a narcotic! (Sorry, but with the knee replacement still fresh in my mind, it seemed like a perfect analogy.)

My swatch photos just don't do this amazing taupe justice. It's sheer. I wanted its sheerness to show here, so I didn't apply it to my arm extremely heavily. In the first photo above, I turned my arm away from the sun so that you could see the shade with and without the sun's reflection on the swatch. In the second photo, below right, the sun was obscured by cloud cover, but it was still light enough to get a photo.

The finish of Atlas Swallowtail is definitely satin. It has a gleam, but no shimmer, making it absolutely perfect for your daytime looks - indoors or out. Anyone who finds shimmering shadows too bold will love the finish.

Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow has a light, velvety, cream formula for a silky glide. The innovative silicon waxes and gels, in combination with beeswax, give it perfect slip as it glides over your eyelids, either with the wand or another brush. I dot it into my palm and apply it with a synthetic brush. Para cress flower extract and coffee extract in the formula offer a firming feature to perfect your look, as the color enhances it.

There's a lovely story associated with Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow at the Zuneta Web site. Since I quoted that whimsical tale here, I won't repeat it. Read it, and you will envision those craftsmen, fabric in hand, inspired by the butterflies gently flapping their smooth, silky wings.

I've purchased all of my Rouge Bunny Rouge treasures from Zuneta. The shipping from the U.K. is free to U.S. customers who order enough. I never any trouble achieving the free shipping level. If anything, I have to restrain myself from ordering one of everything.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

Oh, this looks so beautiful against your skin tone. I'm sure this is one you'll be reaching for often. Thank you for the review!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to try some of these with my next order!

Ammie said...

I agree; this is a lovely color and it really lasts.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone,

Having Internet connectivity issues, so am going to respond quickly to everyone before I lose service again!

Thanks, Lovethescents...you are so nice - always!

PerilouslyPale, this one should look fab on you!

Ammie, glad you like it too.

I have such wonderful readers. Love you!

lovethescents said...

Awwwww, we love you too, Charlestongirl!