Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Custom Color Specialists Perfectly Pink Lip Gloss Palette

Three Custom Color Specialists, the company that can make any lost lipstick treasure with just a tiny dab of a sample, has been asked to reinvent virtually every shade of lipstick and lip gloss under the sun. Years ago, when my favorite Mirage was discontinued by Chanel, I toyed with the idea of having Three Custom Color Specialists replicate it. I couldn't find a smidgen of it left, so I went to their data base. Sure enough - there it was! I only needed to order it. That was so reassuring.

Recently, Hautelook had a Three Custom Color flash sale, and I lept. Five beauties arrived at my doorstep a few weeks later. The Perfectly Pink Lip Gloss Palette ($53.50 at Three Custom Color) was among them. Ten lip glosses, all gorgeous pink tones, are housed in a thin palette perfectly sized to take along. There's even a functional lip brush included.

It arrived with the brilliant pink shade on the lower level smudged on the mirror in the top of the compact. I used the brush to put the gloss back where it belonged, but there was no way to make it look smooth and new again. Perhaps it was "treated" to brutally hot conditions in transit.

Here are the luscious shades in this lovely palette.

Bubble Gum - creamy electric pin
Mai Tai - rich, iridescent fuchsia
Gum Drop - vibrant sheer pink ablaze with golden sparkles
Meringue - silver-flecked rose stain with a touch of blood orange
Jelly Bean - sheer, plum gloss with giant sparkles
Pink Champagne - beautifully light and airy; true ballet-slipper pink
Pink Diamonds - luxurious, rose pink infused with multifaceted sparkles
Taffy - carnation-pink gloss with a dusting of gold
Cashmere - gorgeous mauve-pink alight with smooth sparkles
Sugar Plum - effervescent flesh-toned pink

Rather than swatch all 10 shades, I grabbed a few swatch photos of three, starting with the pink that was splattered on the mirror because I had to move it anyhow. The middle shade on my arm is the one at the bottom right corner in the palette. The lower one appears red in the palette, but is one of the prettiest watermelon gloss shades I own! I need to decipher the color names. I think they are listed above from left to right, starting with the top row, then moving onto the bottom row. That would make these shades, top to bottom, Pink Diamonds, Sugar Plum, and Meringue. I think that's correct.

The different angles toward the sun account for the appearance of the shades in my photos. Sugar Plum is plum, like you see in the photo below, taken at an angle to the bright summer sun.

Whatever your mood or look, there's a shade to love! These glosses are nicely pigmented, with even the sheerest among them imparting nice color. You won't need to wear lipstick underneath them for color.

They feel good on the lips and have no taste or fragrance. Perfect in my opinion!

I purchased other pieces - it was a great sale. I'll show them to you over the coming weeks. You can shop Three Custom Color Specialists online (and recover your long-lost favorite). Just head over to the Web site.

Photo at top courtesy of Three Custom Color Specialists; other photos by Best Things in Beauty

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