Monday, August 22, 2011

Chantecaille Brow Definer

I'm lucky. I have full brows, and I seldom need a brow definer. In fact, I suspect makeup artists of overselling or painting by numbers when they apply one to my brows without inquiring. The great ones look at me and say, "You eyebrows don't need any color."

Every now and then, unfortunately, I get a little wild and crazy and pluck a few hairs with unintended consequences, leaving what I see as a thin area. I had one of those occasions a few weeks ago. When plucking, you need to be careful to understand where the little hairs end, not just focus on where they emerge from their follicle. Pluck too many strays right under your brow line, and you can end up with bald spots.

When I overdid it the last time, I reached for an old Chanel brow pencil. Unfortunately, after many years, it had dried out and was totally kaput. I threw it out and stored the need for a new pencil in short-term memory. I was shopping at when I recalled that memory, so I ordered a Brow Definer ($22).

Chantecaille's Brow Definer comes in four shades, and one of them, Ash Blonde, is absolutely perfect for me. Brow Definer is the ultimate tool for creating a modern brow. It allows you to create a smooth line, fill in sparse areas, and define the arches. The application is purposeful, easy, and neat. The long-lasting, non-greasy texture is achieved with a carefully calibrated blend of vegetable oils, along with vitamins E and C for extra moisture and protection without any "grease." I'm particularly impressed with the precise tip and firm lead, both of which guarantee a clean and easy application. I can draw little hairs, making my brows look totally natural.

I drew a couple of lines on my arm and took a photo in full sun to show you two things: the color and how finely you can create lines. I also drew in a thicker line on my arm to show you a decent representation of the Ash Blonde shade. It's hard for those of us with fair features and blonde hair to find a great shade.

Chantecaille has you covered no matter what your hair color. Oak Brown is perfect for brunettes; Cedar Red will take care of redheads; and Ebony Black will work for those with very dark brown or black hair.

You can purchase Chantecaille Brow Definer at the Web site or at your favorite Chantecaille counter. It's not a new product, although Ash Blonde comes in a new pencil color. Remember it tomorrow or the next time you need just one more item to get one of Chantecaille's fabulous gifts with purchase.

Photo at top courtesy of Chantecaille; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

Not that the subject of eyebrow pencils is inherently witty, but I did smile as I was reading your post because I had just finished a brief article about eyebrow grooming products that was in one of the beauty magazines and had gotten quite a chuckle out of the little mouse hair eyebrow wigs that were popular in France in the 1770's. LOL It's good to be blessed with eyebrows--and not of the mouse variety!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen!

Eyebrow wigs? Really? Can you even imagine how difficult it must have been to get dressed in those days?