Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Weekend I-Wants

I ended this week with a major case of the I-wants. As the new collections materialize - some only through photographs, but others in the stores - I want so many new things! I wish I could curb this desire to acquire. Since I can't, I'll share "some of" my I-wants with you.

I want Chantecaille's new Fall 2011 Collection! I know I can order it soon, so I'm not having a meltdown yet. You can see the sneak peek here and here.

I want the new Giorgio Armani Beauty palettes. I could use them now. I drool over Giorgio Armani's gorgeous clothing (I'm making do with the jackets I purchased last year), but I can't live without his perfect makeup. You can see those palettes here. I don't have a firm date for their arrival at the store.

I want more perfume! I have enough to last a lifetime, but the more I smell, the more I want. After I got a whiff of Chanel No. 19 Poudre at Saks, it went on my must-buy list. I also want a vintage Balenciaga fragrance The Non-Blonde featured. I could probably go to antique shows and estate sales for years without finding it.

I want more Burberry, and I just received my order from Nordstrom in San Francisco. After seeing Café Makeup's description of Burberry's Light Glow Blush in Earthy, I think I need it. I hate paying for shipping, though, so it may go unpurchased.

Because one can never try enough illuminators for the perfect glow, I want Dolce & Gabbana's Shimmer Illuminator Powder for autumn. It may be too light for The Beauty Look Book, but I'll bet it will work for me.

I want perfect skin - no fine lines, no discoloration, just perfect, radiant skin. After watching Fab over Forty's video, I'm afraid I want that PaloVia Home Laser device she's testing. You must watch her video!

I want Le Métier de Beauté's new skin care - all of it - in my quest for perfect skin. If I'm going to win that lottery, I have to remember to buy tickets! The skin care launches mid-month. I'll feature it here soon.

Oh, and I want this Gucci shoulder bag too, but that's irrational.

What's giving you the I-wants?

Photos courtesy of and Gucci


Joey said...

Hm, let's see if I can add to this:

A bottle of Piguet Bandit.

Le Metier Lapis, Spicy, and Midnight Sky eyeshadows.

A facial (although this I did buy! I just need to schedule it now).

The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette.

A mani-pedi.

...and I think that's it! Surprisingly manageable! =)

Me said...

I had to laugh at your first image. What fun to come home from work, pull into the driveway, and see THAT stacked on the front porch!

Chanel No. 19 Poudre?? I have been wearing No.19 for years (used to be my signature), but I simply must try this new fragrance. For a second I thought Chanel was offering scented powder, but no such luck.

You have a very drool-worthy list.

Charlestongirl said...

Joey, do you belong to Groupon and Gilt City? Some nice facials there occasionally. Same for manicures.

I'm sure your list will grow as the fall and winter collections hit the shelves! Just a strong hunch...

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Zuzu!

That truckload would send any of us into esctasy...or rapture...or shock. :)

Chanel's new version is a must-have for 19 fans. It's gorgeous.

lovethescents said...

EEeeeeekk, Joey! Bandit :-) You're a strong woman :-)

My list is loooong:

Le Metier's Magic Lustre Cream
DB Storm and other shadows
Chanel Black Shimmer pencil
Chanel Peridot polish
Le Metier polishes (too many to list)
Rouge Bunny Rouge anything
several Chantecaille Lip Chics and that Poudre Perlee Biwa thingy
Chanel Desinvolte lipstick
Prada Reviving Eye concealer
Lash Dip
Dior's Baume de Monoi


Serge's new de Profundis
any Roxana Villa to test
any Anya's Garden to test
l'Artisan The des Sables to test (in my dreams!)
Several EnVoyage frags (gawjusss! Nectar des Iles is FBW for sure)
several Ajnes
several Providence Perfumes
Blumarine Bellissima Parfum Intense to test
several Hilde Soliani FBs
Sinfonia di Note's Incenso Viola to test

Am I greedy or what?

Charlestongirl said...

I wouldn't say you are greedy, Lovethescents, just amazingly organized!

Joey said...

CG, I bought my facial off of Groupon =) also, there's a great mani-pedi deal today as well. I may have to cave!

Joey said...


I just hauled some Roxana Villa - To Bee and Aumbre samples. They are divine. I am expecting some Anya's Garden as well. Our perfume wishlists are very similar. As for Bandit, that's all The Non Blonde's fault. A bottle of it will be my present to myself for surviving this hellish summer.

I can tell you that EB Storm and LMdB Magic Lustre are necessary items. Also, the Fall LMdB nail polishes are divine.


Lucy said...

Charlestongirl, which Burberry items did you order? Does Edward Bess have any new goodies coming out for fall? That Gucci shoulder bag is amazing, sigh....

Charlestongirl said...


I ordered two colored mascaras. I need to call my EB friends to answer your question.

The Gucci? Out of my range, but so amazing!

Joolz said...

Love that opening photo!

Like you, I want beautiful, radiant skin! I tried came off the 30-day initial period of Dr Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Facial Peel. It only accomplished a few things it claims to do, so now i want something new!

The rest:
Edward Bess Luxury Crease brush
Le Metier anamorphic mascara
Hakuhodo powder brush
Guerlain Idylle fragrance

There must be more, I just can't remember!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joolz!

I want the Edward Bess Luxury Crease Brush too. Every time I order EB, I forget the brushes!

Nice I-want list. Wait for the LMdB skin care to come out. I think most are going to love it!

I love a lot of Sisley things, and RéVive, and Chantecaille, and iS Clinical, and some La Prairie, and... I mix and match my favorite items from each brand. Perricone too. On my, that list is long.

LMdB will be new and fun to try. There's some great science in it.

lovethescents said...

Hi Joey!

I'm going to NYC next week so I'm hoping to tick those EB boxes, AND those Le Metier boxes too. The rest, I can't promise.

Oh, I'm jealous of your fumie hauls! Must visit those sites now to revamp my lists :-) BUT, Bandit? No way, Jose! It's one of my top scrubbers! In fact, I have a scrubber list that I call the Bandit List! Lol! I hope I haven't offended you...I know Bandit is well loved and respected :-)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I want:

A glycolic peel.

A bottle of Maison Martin Margiela "untitled" perfume

Bobbi Brown's whole kaboodle of new lip glosses! (no surprise there...I am SO predictable!)

Laura Mercier's Canyon Collection

NARS new long wear eye pencils

Chanel No. 19 poudre has been on my list, but I'd like to smell it first.

Some Edward Bess, just so I have some. And add to that Le Metier, Burberry, and YSL glossy lipcolor

And, because Joey reminded me: a mani/pedi!! @Joey--Thanks!!

Joolz said...

I didn't know LMdB was coming out with new skincare! That will be very interesting, indeed!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Mama Val,

Did you try Brazilian Peel? Or the RéVive serum with glycolic? Both are great for continuous exfoliation?

Laetitia said...

Fab list, Best Things! You have me wondering how much that handbag is, by the way...

I'd really love if the new Guerlain Orchidee concentrate were already available - I'm counting down the days (and minutes practically)! That would probably be enough to rock my world at present. (Although a never-ending bottle of Sisley's Supremya would be nice too!)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Laetitia!

That Gucci bag is roughly $3,000. :)

Joey said...

Jules and CG, you both absolutely need the EB crease brush. It is phenomenal and just a joy to hold, use, and look at.

LoveTheScents, please let me know what you end up hauling at LMdB and EB! I will have to lurk around Bergdorf next week and say hi =) As for Bandit, that's totally ok. My fragrance tastes veer towards the atypical. CG can tell you - we're polar opposites when it comes to scent!

Mama V, I am glad I could remind you! My toes are a sorry sight =(

Eileen said...

EB's eye brush is outstanding and soft as a kitty's tail. I use it primarily for applying base colors and blending because I have large lids. I love how it blends without removing a lot of pigment or making a muddy mess of the colors. And the best part? I got mine free as a gift with purchase :-) I know I've said this before, but after the weekly washing, I always add just a tiny drop of conditioner to the rinse water to keep the bristles in good condition. In the two years or so that I've had this brush, I've had zero shedding. If I could only have one brush, this would be it.

I've recently acquired some great eye brushes by
Hakuhodo and have Gaia to thank for this new fixation :-) One of the great things about make-up and tools is that none of it lasts forever so we have the opportunity to try things that are new, different, and hopefully better. Hokuhodo's brushes are incredible but also very specialized. I purchased the eye brushes on-line based primarily on Gaia's descriptions (we have similar eye shape), but when I get some of the face brushes, I'll actually drive to their place in Torrance (CA) to see them. It's only about a 45 minute drive. By the way, Hokuhodo uses those shipping boxes where if it fits it ships for one flat fee, so it doesn't matter if you're buying one brush or several. They also fulfill orders fast. I received my brushes within two days of ordering.

Except for the Guerlain quads which I'll be looking at this week, I can't think of anything that can't wait until September. As I said in the forum, I'm being very good; waiting to see all the new goodies, GWP's, and special beauty event promos. I find August just so uninspiring. I think the weather plays a large part. Our usual dry summer heat becomes muggy and more tropical and even a T-shirt and flip-flops seems over-dressed. But September . . . Ah! Sweet September :-)

Sabrina said...

Your blog is a compilation of "i wants" lol. Thank you for the link. That Gucci is to die for. I would hardly call it irrational!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Sabrina! The Gucci price, roughly $3,000, is "irrational" for someone like me. That's a month's mortgage payment. There was a time (when I worked for myself) when I might have bought it anyhow, but I've become "more rational" as I've aged. :)

I'm haunted by that bag.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey Eileen!

One of our favorite brands hits the counters this week (we think). I wouldn't wait until September, and I'll bet you won't when you see it.

Gaia is going to create a monster in me. I now want more brushes, and I have more than enough of them. Plus, she and a certain reader who commented here are turning me into a fragrance junkie too. What's a girl to do?

Eileen said...

Hi Lovethescents,

I just noticed you have the beautiful Biwa on your list. It will look stunning on you. Guaranteed! Unless you're the type who carries blush around with you, you can easily save yourself some money by buying the refill. The case and brush set up that Chantecaille offers isn't all that special but it is costly. I just transferred my Biwa into one of Sephora's little $8 black cases that has the sifter disc and it works out perfectly. I'd rather spend my money on more goodies.

Hi Charlestongirl,

I know, I know. . . Gaia has created a monster. I thought I had good brushes until I started collecting GOOD brushes :-)

Liz said...

I don't think wanting that shoulder bag is irrational at all. *drools*

lovethescents said...

Thank you for saving me some money, Eileen! I thought you didn't have it in you ;-) (teasing lovingly, of course)

Charlestongirl said...

I'm laughing, Liz. Let us know if you buy one.