Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chantecaille New Classic Palette for Fall 2011

Chantecaille's New Classic Palette ($85) for Fall 2011 is gorgeous. I'm smitten. I know already that it's joining my Tiger in the Wild Palette as a staple in my makeup wardrobe. The New Classic Palette captures the polish, glamour, and timeless elegance of the ladylike fashion trends for the fall season. Don't forget, it's all about Lady Chic!

Three eye shades, Valerian, Thistle and Lavender (the rich plum shade) will allow you to create multiple looks with layered washes of easy neutrals anchored with the deep plum tone. While the Lavender shade is technically classified as a liner in the palette, it can be applied sheerly to create a smoky eye look. Pearlescent Valerian’s subtle shimmer can be used to as a base shade or to highlight the brow bone or the inner corners of the eye. It's gorgeous and elegant pink on my skin. Chantecaille calls the neutral Thistle the perfect silver grey lid shade for both day and night. On my skin, it's an exquisite shimmering taupe.

The brightening peach-pink cheek color in Rose provides a classic peach flush, one that coordinates beautifully with the eye shades in the palette. Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, it will also give your skin a nourishing treat when you wear it.

Because Valerian and Thistle shimmer, I had a hard time getting perfectly representative swatch photos. I took many yesterday and more this morning in an attempt to show you the shades without too much reflection from the sun. I'll show you a few and hope that you can see how pretty the shades are - and how nicely they coordinate. As usual, I applied each shade heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. I swatched the palette clockwise, starting with Valerian at the top of my arm and finishing with Lavender at the bottom. I took my photos in full sun.

Valerian, the pink shade at the top of my arm, is the hardest to see in my photos. It doesn't appear to provide much contrast to my skin, but I can assure you that it's drop-dead stunning on the eyelids. It shimmers, lighting up my eyes with a shade of pink I can wear (which makes me very happy). Then there's the taupe Thistle, one of my all-time favorite eye shadow shades. I just don't see the grey in Thistle (and I don't think I'm losing my eyesight). On my skin, I see a subtly shimmering taupe - one that leans toward the milk chocolate shade range, not the grey one. Chantecaille "did good" when they paired Thistle with Valerian.

The blush shade, Rose, is peachy on me. I think peach tones look better with icy pink and plum or purple shades. If you apply too many pink tones to your face at one time, or if you are wearing rich purple or lavender clothing, you don't want to look glaringly pink. A fabulous Chantecaille rep and I discussed that one day when I was wearing purple. The peach tone complements the eye shadows very well. It does not shimmer as much as my photos suggest. I'd wear it on my eyes with Thistle too, just because I think it would be pretty.

The Lavender liner/shadow is a very deep plum. On my skin, it looks charcoal in most lighting, with just a hint of plum. It's a great shade for anyone, even those of us who find plums difficult to wear.

Hopefully, I've whet your appetite to go see the New Classic Palette for yourself. I'm sure the shades will flatter you, no matter what your skin tone. One cool aspect of the palette is that the compact is refillable. Take good care of it; it will be with you for a long time!

You can purchase the New Classic Palette at Chantecaille's Web site (where I purchased mine). A special gift with purchase started today (with purchase of $200). I believe that the Chantecaille counters should receive their stock this week - or very soon. I'll provide an update when Neiman Marcus receives their stock.

Photo at top courtesy of Chantecaille; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Miss Brahms said...

Well, the Chantecaille gel eyeliners have hit the counters at Neiman's - the eyeshadow palette is seriously due any day, like a overdue baby!!! What I would do, though, is pre-sale it if you choose to purchase it at Neiman's, because the huge Beauty Event is beginning in less than two weeks, and not only will you receive a great GWP with Chantecaille (a lip gloss, deluxe samples of skin care, fragrance in a cosmetic bag) BUT you will also score the Neiman's Beauty Event Tote bag - a mock croc tote in your choice of Bordeaux, Black or Leopard print - with TONS of samples this time around from Sisley, Amore Pacific, Natura Bisse, Le Metier, and other high-end brands exclusive to Neimans!!!
Seriously - this palette has proven more elusive than BIGFOOT!!!!
If you want to play with the tester or presale, visit your Neiman's counter!

AZ said...

hey! kind of random but 15 mins ago or so I was reading your blog and I felt the tremors for the quake.. I hope you're ok since the epicenter is supposedly around your area I think.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, AZ. It totally freaked me out. My house started shaking badly, and I knew within seconds it was an earthquake. They are saying it was about a 5.9 with an epicenter in Mineral, Virginia.

This just doesn't happen here. I need a drink - or a Valium.

News reporting it was the largest earthquake in Virginia since 1897!

Unknown said...

This looks so much better in your review than the promo pic. Stop making me want everything! :-P

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Perilously Pale!

I need to show you the covet-worthy makeup. How boring would it be to show the also-rans?

Anonymous said...

OH MY Word-I can't take the gorgeousness! Need this!

Charlestongirl said...

Tracy, you do NEED this. It's so much more gorgeous than it looks in the pan.

Bron said...

Hi! I had a look at this yesterday in store and felt it looked similar to my tigers in the wild palette. what are your thoughts on their similarity?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bron,

I'm thinking of doing a comparison this weekend. They are similar, but only to a point. The lightest shade, Valerian, is pink-toned, while the one in Tiger has no pink. The Thistle shade shimmers more than the light brown shade in Tiger, and it's a different hue. Tiger has a dark blue liner; this one's dark plum. The peachy blusher is somewhat similar, though.

It's different enough to warrant a purchase by anyone who loves Tiger!