Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CREED Original Cologne, a New Royal Exclusive

One of three new Royal Exclusive introductions from CREED, Original Cologne ($575) is being marketed to men. I can't figure that out. It's certainly a unisex scent. My first impression was, "Please God, send me a man who smells like this! I've been waiting all my life."

Original Cologne evokes men’s styles in Victorian England: clean grooming and tailored clothes - and lives made richer by quality goods of impeccable detail. Original Cologne wraps the client like a jacket stitched to his exact proportions, fitting and superb in every respect, a complement to his innate style and a statement of his high standing. Original Cologne has been compared to a burst of English mist, a fine and clean sensation on the skin like when a train blurs past, sending a gust of cooling moisture onto every pore, as in the 1844 J.M.W. Turner painting, “Rain, Steam and Speed.”

Kathy Shoreman and I have deemed it one of our favorite new introductions, even though it appears we weren't the target market. That won't stop us from wearing it. CREED guru Francesca Camacho at Neiman Marcus is wearing it too. I'm in good company. I want to meet the men who've purchased it (for themselves)!

Let's consider the notes. Original Cologne opens with a fizzy, zesty burst of lemon, Sicilian bergamot, and Italian grapefruit. As it dries down, it offers a penetrating rush of galbanum, sweet pear, and finest neroli. Are we reading masculine yet? The soft, comfortable base notes are ambergris, white musc, and rice powder. This translates into fresh and fruity, with a dash of flowers and a softness that will make anyone want to nuzzle it. It's simply divine. It has quickly become one of my favorite fruity fragrances. Every time I wear it, I gush.

Original Cologne is offered in a collectible, hand-blown Pochet glass bottle etched with CREED’s family crest. It's beautiful - classy - and would look great on anyone's dressing table. Its sculptural cap masks the perfect steel spray pump, rather than an open-neck pour, making it modern, fast, and easy to use.

Original Cologne is available at Neiman Marcus (featured in the men's fragrance section online), Bergdorf Goodman, and at the CREED Boutique. I know the price is high, but you can find a decant in one of many sizes at The Perfumed Court. Why do I keep falling in lust with expensive fragrances?

Photos courtesy of CREED and Wikipedia


Noniek said...

I like the bottle :)

Charlestongirl said...

Big smile, Noniek! I like the bottle too. It's exceedingly pretty.

lovethescents said...

You had me at rice powder. I'm a sucker for rice. I'll try to test this when I can because I really don't see a FB in my future :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Lovethescents, I was gifted with a very large sample. It will last me for a long time. Then, I'll buy the whole bottle. That will last me a lifetime.

Francesca told me to wait anyhow because all her original shipment bottles were spoken for before they arrived.

Original Cologne is one seriously gorgeous fragrance.

lovethescents said...

I'm so excited that you're enjoying unisex frags. I had the impression you leaned to the extreme feminine side. This is opening worlds for both of us! Can't wait for you to test Ormonde Man :-)

Charlestongirl said...

I need to do that - soon! I promise!