Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Estée Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor

Exploring a new sensation in lip color, Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux are introducing the new Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor ($28). They hope to change the modern direction of what a lipstick should be. Two formulas are combined to create a luscious, one-of-a-kind lipstick that is launching in 12 delicious shades. Taking a cue from couture fashion, Sensuous Rouge LipColor fuses a creamy shell with a liquified core for a lipstick that is "uniquely decadent, marrying style and performance." Think shine and moisture!

In an interview, Tom Pecheux said that wearing Sensuous Rouge "is almost like wearing a matte lipstick on the contours of the lips and a very creamy lipstick in the center so it creates a very sensual look to the lips. The center of your lips will appear moist, yet the color won't run, and the strong shell of the lip color is going to help contour and provide the best shape to the lips." He said that if you want to achieve a more subtle look with just a touch of color, you should apply it with your finger and tap the color around your lips to make the color more transparent. When you want to create more of a statement lip, you should use a lip pencil in addition to the lip color to reach perfection. I find using it directly from the tube without a liner makes my lips look and feel fabulous.

The new patented process of "core within core technology" delivers two high-performing formulas with one swipe.
  • Shell - firm, pigment-rich shell provides an easy application to highlight the curves of the lips
  • Core - jellied, glossy core boosts shine and moisture
Estée Lauder's True Vision Technology incorporates intense, highly pigmented shades for an instant application that stays color-true. The concentrated pigments are wrapped into a crystalline laminate polymer for a multidimensional look that is magnified and rich in color. Luminous pearls accentuate the shape of the lips, helped along by the slim bullet that provides for precise and easy application.

Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor offers buildable sheer-to-medium coverage. An exotic blend of fruit extracts and fruit butters provide soft, cushioned comfort. You'll feel soft, moist lips immediately on application, and Estée Lauder says you'll see conditioning over time. The lipstick is softly fragranced with vanilla. The case is pretty, with its transparent base and shiny gold cap that tucks luxuriously into the Estée Lauder logo.

The 12 shades vary from ravishing reds to brazen berries and natural nudes; there's something for everyone. I was privileged to be given the new lipstick in Sensuous Nude, shown in the tube here, a gorgeous, shiny brown-toned nude. In both photos, you can see the shell with the center core. It reminds me of my Chantecaille concealer.

I took my swatch photos in full sun. You'll see that Sensuous Nude is a pure nude without pink or peach undertones. It may look muddy to you on my arm, but the effect on my lips is gorgeous. The sheer, nude brown added to the pink in my lips creates what may be the perfect nude for me. It's extremely natural in appearance and suits my coloring well. So many nude lipsticks look too light or frosty on me. Not this one! It has just the right amount of color. It appears to me that this is the lightest of the Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor shades. The rest of them will offer more color.

The lipstick feels great on my lips. I have a sense that I'm wearing a lip conditioner that sticks with me. I like that a lot. The vanilla fragrance dissipates quickly. It provides an initial burst of "soft and sweet." Fortunately, it doesn't stick around. I say that because I have a personal issue. It's my preference that my lipsticks be free of fragrance.

All of the shades look gorgeous, but I really want to get my hands on Orchid Surrender next. It's one of my favorite mauve shades.

Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor is available for pre-order at Estée Lauder's Web site. I'll pop by a few counters later today to see if it's available at Neiman Marcus or Saks. Have to have that second one! This lipstick is a keeper. Don't I have nice friends?

Update 1:05 pm: I checked at Neiman Marcus and Saks today. Pure Color Sensuous Rouge has not arrived yet.

Update 8/13: These lipsticks arrived at Neiman Marcus Tysons, which means they will be at your own EL counter soon!

Photo at top courtesy of Estée Lauder; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

This sounds like a really innovative product. I may have to indulge in some more Estee Lauder. I really hope the change of direction the line is taking catches on!

Amber Ehrlich said...

I haven't purchased anything from EL for years, but all their recent offerings are becoming very enticing. Now I just need to start tracking the GWP times around town :)

Charlestongirl said...

There's no turning back, PP! EL is here to stay! Pecheux has been there long enough to firmly establish the line in the upper echelons of fashion and makeup.

Charlestongirl said...

Amber, Neiman Marcus Beauty Week is coming up, and there will be GWPs galore! I think it starts around the 18th or 19th.

Larie said...

Is the "faint vanilla" smell like the MAC lipsticks, or something else? I hate the smell of EL's other lipsticks - that fig or whatever scent. It's far too strong. Is this anything like that? Because otherwise, it looks great!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Larie,

The other fragrance is fig. I don't think the vanilla is as ripe, but every nose is different. See what you think when it arrives at the counter.

Anonymous said...

Macys I at Fair Oaks Mall has it...