Monday, June 17, 2013

Angel Face Eau de Parfum - The Sixth Fragrance from A DOZEN ROSES

In 2011, A DOZEN ROSES, a fragrance collection inspired by the emotions that roses can evoke, was launched at Neiman Marcus. Roses have inspired poets, artists, designers, and perfumers, including A DOZEN ROSES -  a modern, eclectic, and sensual collection of fragrances created with a passion for art, perfumery, and unique bottle designs.

A DOZEN ROSES fragrances are luxurious, delightful, and inspiring, spotlighting their shared rose essence uniquely. They may even win over some who have forsworn rose scents. Angel Face ($110), the newest and sixth in the series of a dozen, is likely to do that.

The perfumers for each of the fragrances (earlier Givaudan) have been given free rein to create the fragrances in the collection based on original artwork and the emotion of the roses that inspired them. The results are artisanal or niche scents, themselves works of art. Each original fragrance is imbued with A DOZEN ROSES' signature 100% natural rose absolute essence wrapped in a complex, contemporary blend.

A passion for roses in art is showcased on the front and back of each fragrance bottle in the collection, paying homage to the beauty of the rose. Works of art themselves, the bottle designs (created by one of the two company founders) evoke complex emotions and passions similar to the scents within. I'm really partial to the design of Angel Face ($110), which depicts purple roses accented by green foliage. I saw the tester at Neiman Marcus from three rows away and hustled over to spray my first whiff. That same day, I received a sample in the mail from A DOZEN ROSES, along with a beautiful signed, numbered print of the design. It's relatively small, so I may have a frame here for it.

Angel Face Eau de Parfum was inspired by Falerina's garden from Boiardo's Renaissance epic poem, Orlando in Love. In spite of its unfinished state and some deficiencies in rhythm, Boiardo's Orlando in Love is considered a magnificent work of art, echoing the poet's ardent devotion to love and loyalty, shedding warmth and sunshine.

Called "Enchanting, Enticing, and Desired,"  Angel Face is a fruity floral fragrance. It lures you with a haloed, fruity mist of two top notes: luscious black current and apple. The heart notes envelop you in a purple haze of flowers - peony, violet, jasmine, and lilac. The top and heart notes are spellbinding, and of course, there's always the rose absolute that binds the collection. I stood at Neiman Marcus wanting to chat about the beautiful opening with a perfume lover, but I couldn't find anyone who wasn't already occupied.

The dry down is big, with prominent patchouli, roasted tonka, and vetiver. Patchouli is the base unit of an entire class of perfumes called chypres, and there are many fans of the genre. The scent of natural patchouli is described as earthy and herbaceous with a rich green heart and a woodsy base. Ever popular, it grounds Angel Face, transforming it from "just another rose-based floral" to an earthy one that even those who avoid rose fragrances may enjoy.

Angel Face is now available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Think it's a coincidence that the beautiful purple bottle resembles the Angel Face rose I used to grow? For more information, check out the company's Facebook page.

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Moonchime said...

Wow! I can't wait to go to the counter and try this fragrance out. Thank you for the wonderful review!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Moonchime,

I think the bottle is too pretty for words. See what you think!

Mark Orintas said...

Sound like a must try

Charlestongirl said...

I guess you'd have to go over to BG to smell it, Mark.

Veronica said...

It sounds lovely! May have to try it!