Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chantecaille Lip Screen Tint SPF 15 for Summer 2013 - Ibiza and Sardinia

Chantecaille's new Lip Screen Tints SPF 15 ($36) have finally arrived at counters. I had been waiting for weeks. They were available at Chantecaille's Web site, but I couldn't qualify for free shipping. I have a mini Chantecaille store here, so there was nothing else I could add to my order. Really. So I waited - for many weeks. Finally, they arrived at Neiman Marcus! Jeannine Barnes texted me the minute they came - bless her. I dashed over to purchase them.

These sheer shades - Ibiza (on left directly above) and Sardinia (on right) - are very pretty. They were inspired by the Islands of the Mediterranean. I featured Sardinia when the tester arrived, but I wasn't able to show Ibiza at that time. There was no tester, and Mai had been substituted in the display as a placeholder (one of my pet peeves).

Lip Screen Tint SPF 15 offers a hint of shine and a whisper of polished color in a sophisticated lip-pampering, broad-spectrum SPF treatment. The high-performance formula contains an ultra-healing botanical blend of rose and honey. Initially, it is available in only two shades: Ibiza, a muted pink, and Sardinia, a bright coral.

Once I finally had them in my possession, I was able to take swatch photos at home. I tried to apply them with equal intensity (same number of swipes across my arm. My photos show Ibiza at the top of my arm with Sardinia below.

Ibiza is a very sheer pink. I can barely see it on my lips after I've applied it. If you are looking for "definite color," select Sardinia. It is a very light coral, and it's actually more sheer than the tester I saw and photographed in May. Although coral, it has enough rose in it to look fabulous with my cool-toned skin.

This second photo is a little washed out from the bright sunlight. Both shades fell great on the lips and offer moderate lasting power. I am pleased that they offer protection from the sun's rays. I figure that as long as I can feel them on my lips, I've got sun protection. I've been wearing both since I purchased them. While Ibiza doesn't offer much color, it does give me that desirable sun protection.

The high-performing and extremely comfortable formula contains an ultra-healing botanical blend of rose and honey. Packaged in a chic shiny silver tube, it's the perfect accessory for your summer look.

Finally, you can purchase the new Lip Screen Tints with SPF 15 at Chantecaille counters. You can also find them online at Chantecaille's Web site. I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus.

Photo at top courtesy of Chantecaille; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Mamavalveeta03 said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm definitely in a Sardinia kind of mood. It's on my list! Thx!

Unknown said...

Oh my they are both simply gorgeous but do prefer Sardinia over Ibiza for a little more color.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal!

I adore Sardinia. While Ibiza is pretty, it's not unique.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Purple Peacock,

I think we all feel that way. :)

Clarisse said...

Lovely colors which spell Summer, sun, sea etc...at last!!!My favorite is Sardinia too (it is as gorgeous as the island of Sardinia)
By the way, Charlestongirl, my grandson decided to arrive 3 weeks early!!!!He was born this morning, looks adorable (of course... says the proud grandmother!) and he is called Louis (just like my father): all is well :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Clarisse! Congratulations Grandma! We are all happy for you and your family.

Jo said...

Thanks for the swatches. Just ordered Sardinia. It's so pretty!

Congratulations Clarisse!

Clarisse said...

Thank you Charlestongirl and Jo! I'm over the moon, I never thought it would make me so happy:-)

beano54 said...

Gorgeous shades look so moisturising