Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Madonna Looking Good - Courtesy of Votre Vu

I'm not a huge Madonna fan. Actually, I'm not a Madonna fan at all. I find many of her looks outrageous, which I understand is her intention. However, I think she looked fabulous for the premiere of the MDNA Tour documentary.

Madonna’s makeup artist, Sammy H. Mourabit, used Votre Vu products to create her look for last week’s premiere in New York City. He drew inspiration from Marlene Deitrich’s iconic 1930’s look from the movie “Morocco.”

To achieve Madonna’s flawless complexion, Sammy first hydrated her face with Votre Vu Attentive Crème de Jour for Sensitive Skin without forgetting the neck where he used Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème. He then dabbed Votre Vu’s Love Me Deux Concealer in Champagne under her eyes - and also on the darker areas of her skin to even out her skin tone.

One of the tricks he used was mixing the Love Me Deux Nourishing Moisture Tint in Champagne with the Attentive to achieve a dewy look. Next, he accentuated her cheekbones by contouring them with Votre Vu’s Beaute en Bronze Tantalizing Bronzer Duo.

To create a '30's eyebrow, he first groomed her brows with a brush. Then he applied the Arch de Triumphe Daily Brow Definer in Warm inside the natural eyebrow line. The thinner line captures that '30’s look. To cover the excess natural hair, he dabbed on some Votre Vu’s Love Me Deux Concealer in Champagne, giving the illusion of a clean groomed eye without the need for over-plucking.

For the lips, Sammy first contoured them in a heart shape reminiscent of the '30’s style with the Drawmatic Lip Liner in Naked (coming out in September). He followed by mixing two shades of the French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick (coming out in September) for a luminous and voluptuous effect. He applied the darker tone, Margaux, to the outer lines of the lip and the lighter tone, Annette, to the inner lip.

On the lashes, he used Eiffel Power Mascara only in the center of the eyelashes. To intensify the '30's look, he added some false lashes to the outer corner of the eye.

The last touch was the Vu-On Rouge in Bouquet Rose on her cheeks and a little bit of the Belle Poudre HD Sheer Face Finish in Light. The result was a modern Marlene Dietrich look.

What do you think? Try to forget the fact that her choreography drew criticism. The first act of her tour relied heavily on the use of guns. She compared their use to action films with the stock comment, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Straight out of the NRA's playbook. Always stirring the pot.

As for Votre Vu, I wish it were easier to see and test here in the backwaters of the DC area. It's one of those brands that constantly entices me, but is always out of arm's reach.

Photos courtesy of Votre Vu


Eileen said...

I am so over Madonna, but to give her her due, she does look fantastic channeling Marlene Dietrich.

As for Votre Vu, I must say the line hasn't grabbed my attention yet because the reviews I've read are either by shills or industry insiders who were gifted with tons of products and so they've been using them up on their clients. Although the MA's typically don't say much about the products used, because they are mentioned in the product breakdown list, Votre Vu gets publicity despite the product being good, bad, or somewhere in between. I don't really consider that an endorsement of any kind :-( Perhaps I'd feel differently if there were a lot of good buzz from "civilians".

Anonymous said...

I was very into Madonna back in the day. Her music, I mean. Didn't always agree with her choices and self-expression, but I did admire her bravery in being herself. I do think she looks remarkable lately.

By the way CG, I hope the job is going well. I'm so glad you're still here!

Denise at aeiokid at comcast dot net.

Melanie said...

I have never heard of this line!

I think that this is a really interesting post because Madonna and makeup is a combination that doesn't get a lot of attention; it's as much a deliberate part of her incarnations as the clothes and hair. Gina Brooke (of Shu Uemura and Hourglass) had Make Up For Ever create a lipstick for the tour in the documentary, Aqua Rouge Lipstick in Iconic Red (ironic, perhaps, given that she had already catapulted MAC's Russian Red to icon status years ago on the Blonde Ambition Tour and in its follow-up documentary, Truth or Dare. Hmm, is there trend here?). Laura Mercier also made her a bespoke lipstick in the shade 'M' at about the time she did Max Factor ads in Asia. There were also the Shu diamond lashes from the previous tour ... I have been a fan over the years. I just wish that she would leave her face alone. Sometimes, it's hard to recognize her.

Sandy said...

I was a huge fan of Madonna when I was in high school in the 80's and even well into the 90's. I grew up in a small town in the deep South and I'd never seen anything like her before. My friends and I thought she was just magic!

I'd say for the past 10 or 15 yrs, all she's made me is sad--she seems to have been fighting so hard to be viewed as 'sexy' and 'relevant' that I feel she ended up making herself look older than she is.

I think she looks better [and sexier] in this photograph than she's looked in years! All this without showing any skin or wearing a cone bra. This photo brings me to mind of her look in the 'Express Yourself' and 'Vogue' videos.

I didn't know she was on tour and I haven' heard of this brand before, but I will surely check it out if I have the opportunity because she looks stunning. I really hope this signals a move away from the outre and toward a more classic look.
[sorry for the excessively long first-ever post--am I the only person who has to try the captcha 50 times because I can't read the darned thing?].


Christina said...

I am not a fan of Madonna. I wouldn't go as far as calling her an artist or a classy lady. Her makeup does not interest me.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I've got to be at least a decade older than you, Sandy, because my "decade" was really the 70's and early 80's, so Madonna wasn't my thing, but I totally agree with you about her seeming desperate to be young. (I always wonder what her kids think about that...) She looks amazing in this pic and I wish she'd channel Marlene Dietrich more often!
Oh, and I have to redo the captcha phrase over and over again, too!

Charlestongirl said...

We all hate Captcha. Sadly, it seems to be the only thing that deters spam bots.

grlnxdor said...

I've always liked her music, but I'm sort of put off by her image. She's the mistress of reinvention and self-promotion--no one can deny that. However, lately, whenever I see her still trying to be sexy I kinda cringe. She's about a year older than me. I can't help but wonder if she's having hot flashes like I am!

Evelyn said...

She's looking better here than in some recent photos with her face looking super puffy and unnatural. I do like her but I wish she wouldn't try so hard to be young, I think she can be fabulous at any age, like in this photo. Don't be 20, be the unconventional 50+ year old. Has anyone noticed how often she is wearing gloves? I know age shows up on your hands quickly but hiding them makes it obvious.

I've heard of Votre Vu here and there but nothing's really caught my fancy. It's ok, I have enough makeup to enjoy already! :)

And yes, I have to redo my captchas plenty of times because they are ridiculous to figure out!

Claire said...

Madonna cleans up good!! Sorry, CG, but Madonna is my idol, even for the sake of pot-stirring :-) Thanks for the coverage of Votre Vu, I've never heard of this brand before nor seen it before in person. Where can we find it?

Clarisse said...

I've never been very impressed by Madonna's talents except perhaps her steely will-power...but I must admit she looks great on that photo with products I've never met (though they have French names, it's not a FRench barand!)

Clarisse said...

brand!.....sorry:-)I didn't have time to correct....

melisand61 said...

I think she looks stunning in that picture. I'm right around the same age as Madonna, and I'm glad that she is still trying to be sexy. Yes, sometimes she misses the mark and does something off-putting, or she tries a look that is unflattering. But I won't judge her for trying.

Women have it hard enough in the looks department. Older women try to stay young-looking because our older faces and bodies aren't valued. But if we try too hard, we're judged for that too.

I don't like the NRA-style comment at all though. Was her use of guns in her act ironic? Was the comment? If so, she didn't give even the slightest hint.

aussiedonna50 said...

Good morning from your newest email follower :) (it's 2:30am to be exact)

I agree with you about Madonna and I felt the same way about her wayyyyyyy back in the 70's or 80's.

When I glanced at the photo of her you posted I thought I have seen this look before.

When you mentioned that her MUA was using Marlene Dietrich as inspiration, I went back to the photo and though "that's it!".

I would not in any way consider Madonna a lady or a woman with any grace but her look certainly channelled Marlene Dietrich.

Kudos to the MUA!

Now back to my coffee and lots of catching up on your blog which I am really enjoying.

Donna (no "Ma" preffice please) xx