Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HydroPeptide Power Lift Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate

You know how you feel when you have scraped the last of a beloved product from its container? It's a loss - a goodbye. It leads you on an online shopping foray. It happened to me this morning when I applied the last of HydroPeptide's Power Lift Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate ($80). I felt like I had lost a friend.

HydroPeptide sent me the jar a couple of months ago, and I have used it ever since. It offers everything I like in skin care: state-of-the-art ingredients (including peptides), a great feel on the skin, uber-hydration, and no funky fragrance.

Receive a potent, yet comforting, rich, hydrating treatment. Unlike other “rich” or “nighttime” treatments, Power Lift perfectly quenches even the driest complexions without clogging pores or leaving an oily shine. This powerful skin rejuvenator revives and restores your skin by uniting four peptides with 21 hydrating elements and purifying botanical ingredients, echinacea and buddleja. 

I've used it as a night cream and a day cream. During the day, it doesn't interfere with my makeup at all. It's made for drier skins, but gals with combination skin can use it at night only if they choose.

What can one expect from using Power Lift Anti-Wrinkle Untra Rich Concentrate? Here's what HydroPeptide has to say.
  • Your skin appears regenerated, firmer, and more toned
  • The concentrated cream will provides three layers of hydration: replenishing surface moisture for smooth skin, deep hydration for plumping, and barrier protection that allows skin to retain hydration throughout the night and next day 
  • It has the ingredients to counteract damage suffered during the day and prepare skin to fight the next day’s oxidative stresses 
  • It will lighten and brighten the skin
I believe I've experienced all of these benefits with one exception. I don't see that my skin - or my sun spots - have been lightened. I don't expect that after having a heart to heart with my dermatologist over prescription and non-prescription creams.

Basically, my dry skin looks hydrated, which means my fine lines are less noticeable. Because of the ingredients, I know that using it is delaying the effects of aging. Those four peptides plus other hydrating ingredients are helping build collagen and repair any loss of elasticity. There's a reason I don't look my age: great skin care!

All HydroPeptide products are designed with anti-aging skin care in mind, formulated for all skin types, are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and contain ECOCERT organic ingredients. What more can I tell you? You can find HydroPeptide at their Web site

Photo courtesy of HydroPeptide


Susana said...

You always give us such great reviews! I love your makeup reviews but I think I love even more your skincare reviews! I am trying to save money for some new skincare products though I don't have a regular job right now.. but we shouldn't stop hoping, right? Thanks again for the review!

Charlestongirl said...

Never stop hoping, Susana! Thanks.

Susan Audrey said...

I've heard quite a bit of good things about HydroPeptide. Great to know the reviews are true, going by your review and recommendation. On to my wish list it goes!

angusmum1 said...

Do you have any particular skincare /antiaging product(s) you would not be without, just off the top of your head not asking for an indepth analysis, I can look up and read. I am coming to the end of my current products and debating about change to something that may boost antiaging effort. thanks, anyone who has ideas!!

Janet Perkins said...

What are your thoughts on the ultra expensive Sublimage skincare by Chanel?