Thursday, June 27, 2013

Farmaesthetics Cruelty-Free Classic Waters

I wished upon a star, and my wish came true. I wanted to try Farmaesthetics Classic Waters ($24), the most luxurious thing I can offer my skin on a hot summer day (the kind we've had this week). I can spray them on at any time and experience a mist that cools and treats my skin with glycerin, a humectant that improves smoothness and hydration. Farmaesthetics sent me two, Rosewater & Glycerin and Jasmine Water & Glycerin. The day I received them seemed like a birthday. There's also a  Grapefruit & Glycerin. They have every base covered.

They came at a fabulous time - right after I accidentally knocked over and broke my Chantecaille Rose Water in its tall glass container (and cleaned a hundred pieces of glass that scattered in my bathroom). Yes, it smelled good, but I wept. Then, voila! I had Rosewater & Glycerin with which to replace it. It was a good sign.

The Classic Waters, housed in apothecary bottles with fine mist sprays and a low center of gravity making them less likely to tumble, are romantically reminiscent of the toiletries of the 1930's - softly fragrant, imparting a dewey finish to the skin. However, their most important aspect is the antiseptic nature of the formula, created to clear the skin of germs, bacteria, and other unhealthy contaminants. All of the "flavors" will purify and hydrate your skin, while restoring a fresh feeling and healthy balance to the complexion. Keep them in a refrigerator, and the quick refresh will feel even better when you are hot, tired, or need a lift.

For years, I have regretted having a bathroom that isn't large enough for a small refrigerator. I think that would be the ultimate luxury. About five years ago, I bought one at Target for my guest bathroom. By an inch, it wouldn't fit in the only nook that I thought would accommodate it. I would love to be able to spray on my Classic Waters, straight from the frig. Unfortunately, walking downstairs to the kitchen refrigerator breaks the spell.

All Farmaesthetics products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, and dermatological tested, with a certified shelf-life of two years from the date of opening. They were created with no animal testing.

That statement, "no animal testing," brings me to the joy I'm feeling about the liberation of research chimpanzees who have been held captive in cages in labs for life. They are now being freed by our government - sent to sanctuaries where they can see the sky, climb trees, and be free for the first time since they were abducted from their natural habitats as babies. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is ending most uses of chimpanzees in government, saying humans’ closest relatives “deserve special respect.” They sure do, and I hope the remaining chimps in lab captivity are freed soon.

We don't need to do animal testing. We shouldn't continue the cruelty that was the norm for so many years. I know Farmaesthetics and other cruelty-free companies share my excitement about these special animals. It really brought tears to my eyes as I watched the news last night - seeing the chimps experience freedom for the first time in their lives. Please let your members of Congress know that you care that NIH will have the money it needs to care for the chimps in the sanctuary system. 

It wasn't planned, but it seems entirely fitting to feature a cruelty-free company at such joyful times. Every time I think about the images I saw yesterday, I cry tears of joy for those animals and my hope I'll see the day when all animal testing is banned worldwide. There are modern ways of testing drugs and items like cosmetics. Regarding skin care and makeup, why should a rabbit suffer so that I can have longer eyelashes? End of diversion.

Back to these wonderful, refreshing Classic Waters. Pick your favorite fragrance and give one a try, knowing that Farmaesthetics made the moral decision to be a cruelty-free company. The easiest way to find all the Farmaesthetics products is at the company's Web site. Check it out. There's a lot to see.

Photo courtesy of Farmaesthetics


Melanie said...

This is a brand that I has been on my must-try list. I have become inflexible with my skincare over the last few years: it's got to be "clean." My skin has never looked better. I really love the packaging.

It's funny that you should mention a bathroom fridge when, last week, I saw that Odacité out of California have made one just for that purpose. I'll tweet you the link. It looks quite small, though. I just moved all of my makeup and skin care to the fridge.

And hooray to changes finally being made to animal testing. I agree -- animals are not needed for these things! Enjoy the day!

Annie M said...

Good morning Charlestongirl!
After going to pharmacy school, I loved seeing old apothecary bottles and these sure are a throwback to the day. Looks like another item to add to the wish list. I was thinking-how about a small cooler with refreezeable ice packs for the bathroom? You might be able to store it out of the way and get the best size to accommodate your 'stash,'. Hope your new job is going well.

Unknown said...

When I see 'Cruelty Free', I get all excited to buy like 'free shipping' and 'half off'. Oh and spray things on my face, I keep mine in the linen closet in the hall right out side the bathroom. it's always cool in there. I think I just realized that I never kept my mist in the bathroom.

Eileen said...

For years I've made my own skin freshener using my great-grandmother's recipe. It contains rose water, orange blossom water, witch hazel, aloe, and glycerine. When chilled in the frig, a light misting is particularly refreshing on a hot summer day. The only down side is that when I prepare the toner, I end up with a lot of it--much more than I could ever use in a timely manner--so I fill up a bunch of those colorful plastic spray bottles and give it to friends as a little summertime gift. Not everyone is going to want to do that; however, so it's nice to see products like Farmesthetics offering good, clean, cruelty free products.

Apropos animal testing, there is no reason for it; there never has been. Why should an animal suffer for our vanity? If we're uncertain about a formulation, then perhaps we should re-think it and spend more time tinkering with it rather than subjecting some helpless animal to it just to see what happens. There is a cruelty in that kind of curiosity, and the cavalier attitude towards the pain and suffering of God's creatures makes mockery of our claim to be humane.

What better way to commemorate the release of animals into sanctuaries than by featuring a cruelty free company like Farmesthtics.

Melanie said...

Eileen, would you please share your skin freshener recipe? It sounds right up my alley!

Little Red said...

This is just the sort of skincare I like to use. Thanks.

angusmum1 said...

Eileen as far as animal rights you have said it all. I think the mixture you are referrring to sounds wonderful, is there any chance you could let the recipe be known at all, I would love to try it. Have a good day all.