Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette from the Raw Sugar Collection

Bobbi Brown's limited-edition Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette ($48.50) offers 10 shimmering shades for the eyes in beachy bronzes and warm sugar tones - Bobbi's go-to hues when the weather heats up. From her Raw Sugar Collection, this limited-edition palette leaves the eyelids with a soft wash of pearlescent color.

I always purchase these little "shimmer bricks" for eyes. I think they are a great deal, and when I saw this one, loaded with rose gold and neutral shades, I flipped.

Inspired by Bobbi's love of the toasted-brown, shimmering shades of raw sugar, this palette captures the look of sandy shores and beach bronze beauty.

I took swatch photos in full sun. As you can see from the mirror on the palette, there were clouds in the sky, but I had enough breaks to get decent swatch photos.

I did not have time to swatch every shade, so I swatched three shades or combinations - all with a sponge-tipped applicator - and then I ran an applicator across all of the shades to see how they look blended. I started at the top of my arm with the second shade from the left; then I swatched the "lightest shades' in the middle, mixing two; then I swatched the brown shades at the far right in the palette, mixing the last two. Finally, I ran the applicator left to right over the whole palette. The combination of all shades left the beautiful bronze color at the bottom of my arm.

As you can see, these shades are perfect shimmers. They provide an "adult shimmer" that gleams, without any glitter. The finish is lovely for summer.

The Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette provides so many options, I can't do the math. I will enjoy using the shades this summer.

I purchased mine sight unseen from the Bobbi Brown Web site. I have seen the full Raw Sugar Collection in the stores too, so you should be able to find the entire collection at your favorite counter.

Photo at top courtesy of Bobbi Brown; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Trishb said...

Just have to say "darn it," but only in jest. I had talked myself out of this one, but your pics changed my mind. I was almost hoping that you didn't buy this with the bronzer and the lip balms and was beginning to feel safe. That said, I'm now in - so, in your mind will Telluride work on an extra pasty complexion? My skintone floats between BB Alabaster and Porcelain depending on the formula. "Bronze" doesn't do much for me, per se, but Telluride looks lovely, or maybe Antiqua.

Jo said...

I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter today and although I passed by this palette I fell in love with the Brown lip balm. If you did not get the Brown already CG you need to - it is selling out fast at least at Nordstrom. I also bought the beige nail polish and have raw sugar polish on the way to me in the mail. That is sold out at Nordstrom both in stores and online. This collection is hot! Thanks for calling my attention to it all week.

Kiss & Make-up said...

As much as I like the look of this palette, I promised myself I wouldn't buy it. I have soooo many glittery and shimmery eyeshadows already and I promised myself I'd only invest in mattes from now on. For a while. :-)

Amy said...

Thanks for this review- I was on the fence but your review sealed the deal- this looks lovely!!
Jo- tell me more about the balm. It looks great on the model but the actual balm pic looks flat- any shimmer or just a brown wash?
Thank you!

Jo said...

Hi Amy, it's not a flat matte brown but it is not shimmery either but there is some glimmer in it. It's sort of a satin finish. I think you will like it but I think just about everyone will like it. It is very flattering on. I liked it a lot better than the pinks. There going fast so if you find one I recommend you buy it right away.

Jo said...

I was at Nordstrom again today and tried on the pink raspberry balm again and decided I needed one, and I bought a backup of the brown balm. This is such an easy-breezy product and it makes my lips so soft. The color is suprising quite long lasting too.

Laura said...

I purchased this on a whim while picking up a few eyeshadows and I love it! I've been using it non-stop. It started a full on Bobbi obsession, and I now have 5 of the permanent shimmer bricks as well as several 6 pan palettes. I don't know why I'd overlooked this brand before now.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Now you've gone and made me love it, when I told myself I wasn't going to get it. (I'm entering my "Minimalist Phase," for now, anyway....). I have the older iteration of the lip balm, but if might have to get a couple of those. Might as well qualify for free shipping, right?😊