Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to All the Animal Mothers!

Charleston sends his love to all the cat, dog, turtle, bird, horse, and other animal mothers on Mother's Day! He wasn't too sure about mice or hamsters; he has an inherited tendency to see them as prey. Here he is above, goofing around with some tissue paper that came with a lovely, new coconut-based body oil.

Photo by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

Oh, thank you, Cg, for the best Mother's Day gift of them all, your wonderful cat! He looks so full of disdain! For the tissue paper? Its color? He is very much everything I love about mew-mews. I just want to grab him and cuddle him, which he'd probably hate! Kisses to him, please, for me!

alrenwald said...

Happy Mother's Day to all Furbaby mothers! I agree with Nemo, that Charleston looks so handsome in this picture :-)

morelikespace said...

Oh! He is a beauty! Being a fur-mom is wonderful isn't it?

Unknown said...

Thank you, Charleston for your wonderful feline greetings!
You are so adorable and my babies send you a big MEOW all the way from Los Angeles!

joltster said...

Hi CG:
This is such a cool looking cat. Is he part Siamese? He looks like he has some Siamese in him as well as tabby.( I was wondering if he was a lynxpoint Siamese- I am rather partial to them as that I have one myself)
Take care, and good to hear that your Mother is slowly getting stronger.

Charlestongirl said...

Charlie sends his thanks. He is a purebred snow marble Bengal.

Suewithmanypets said...

He is absolutely stunning.
I volunteer for a cat rescue. We have over 200 residents waiting for forever homes. crash's landing . org

My whole life I have rescued animals of all kinds, even a skunk. My home always has many paws. Some for a few days and month, as I foster and babysit. Some for not nearly as long as I wish we could have them. They are such a gift but we don't get to keep them as long as our hearts would wish.

Thank you for your wishes for both my human and fur kids. Love your blog.
Sue from Michigan.