Monday, May 5, 2014

Lèvres Scintellantes Glossimer in Happy from the Reflets D'été de Chanel Summer 2014 Collection

Mix. Match. Mismatch. Bolder is better with this candy-bright collection, featuring playful shades to coordinate or clash for a sweet summer look. 

I have to admit that I got my first look at Chanel's Reflets D'été de Chanel Summer 2014 Collection weeks ago. I studied all the colors and came away with one: Lèvres Scintellantes Glossimer in Happy (#186, $29.50).

I wanted one of the five glosses that might show up on my lips. The glosses all offer transparent candy pops of color. The nail colors are pretty, but lately I haven't had the time for nail lacquer. There was an eye shadow, the limited-edition New Moon, that spoke to me, but not loudly enough for me to purchase it. Overall, I found this collection to be better for others than me.

I took photos of Happy in full, mid-day sun. You can see from the difference in color between the tube and the applicator that the tube does not represent the color well. In my swatch photos below, you'll see a very sheer candy pink.

The pigment in my lips adds some rose to the shade, but it is very transparent, like a Gummy Bear. It was one of the "darkest" colors in the collection. Happy is a cheerful color; it was perfectly named.

You can see Chanel's Summer 2014 Collection at this link. I read somewhere that the pieces in the collection were all sold out. That's not true. You can order from Chanel.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Chateepatee said...

Hi CG- I went in for the illusion D'Ombre's in Utopia and New Moon and am pleased with both. I wish Chanel would do gloss with more saturated color for the warm weather when a lipstick might otherwise melt if left in your auto or on a table at an outdoor event.
So pleased that your Mother is improving, but I do hope you remain focused on yourself also. Enjoy the lovely weather CG.

Eileen said...

I didn't get much from Chanel this summer. I purchased Happy and the Crayon Yeux in Ambre Doré (love under lower lashes!). The glosses this summer are like sheer jelly coats so what you see in the tube is definitely not what you'll see on your lips. On my medium rose lips, Happy adds shine galore, but little actual color. It does look pretty although not exceptional and the formula is quite nice and not terribly sticky/gooey. The only way you'll get lips like the model's in the promo pic, though, is if you are using a lipstick or lip pencil as an underpinning.

I think the appeal of the glosses is more psychological than practical. The tubes of clear vibrant color are cute and festive and just about scream, "Summertime!" On a dreary workday, whip out one of these babies and you'll feel like you should be headed for the beach :-)

Nemo said...

I think this is a lovely collection. I did the--for me--unthinkable: I bought all the crème shadows! Also Happy, and all the polishes except for the repromote, Western Light; and Cheeky. I adore Cheeky. The upcoming CHANEL fall 2014 collection, interestingly, is small. The collection is called Etats de Poetiques, and it features those horrid Les Beiges, 2 new blushes, and a repromote for the eye quad: Mystic, my all-time favorite. Plus 4 lip shines, an ugly lip balm--hello chapstick--and 2 new glosses and 3 hideous polishes. Fall will be easy for me.

bisbee said...

Nemo - when you say "those horrid Les Beiges" do you mean the original compacts? Funny...I just bought my second one after using up the first!

Different strokes...

Eileen said...

LOL Bisbee! I'm on my second Les Beiges, too :-) #10 gives me just a hint of warmth and color that is perfect for summer. I actually quite like the powder and sometimes wish Chanel had one just a bit lighter than #10 but then that would defeat the purpose of making me look like I've spent a bit of time in the sun.

Eileen said...

Hi Nemo,

Thanks for the heads up on Chanel fall. I just googled États Poetiques and it looks like we're going to be awash in pink and plum splendor :-)