Friday, May 23, 2014

The Friday Forum - May 23 - with Jo Malone Silk Blossom

As we begin the Memorial Day weekend (more on that later), I am admiring the Siberian irises in my garden. They surround my mailbox and provide a fleeting burst of blue color. I adore blue in the garden!

This has been another troublesome week. The guy I rolled into last week had offered me a settlement amount that I decided to accept. I had an attorney call him to ensure a release, and suddenly, after harassing me every four hours for days, he wasn't talking. He said he had hired legal assistance, but refused to provide my attorney with the name and contact information for his attorney. That left me in limbo. I have no idea what's going on - which is anxiety-provoking. Meanwhile, my car is being repaired, and my wonderful neighbor lent me his extra car. I have to look at the good things and let go of what I can't control, right?

I saw some pretty new eye shadows on the M·A·C Web site. They are part of the Alluring Aquatic Collection. All were sold out - the usual for M·A·C. I called the M·A·C Boutique and was told the collection would arrive on May 22 and to call when they opened that day. I did and was able to order the items that interested me. I gave them my charge card and asked if I could pick them up after work. The answer was no! They would have to send them to me for a shipping charge of $7. I have never - ever - heard of something so bizarre. Why is it that M·A·C seems to exist in another world?

Jo Malone has introduced a new limited-edition fragrance, Silk Blossom Cologne ($120), and it is really nice. My curiosity couldn't wait for a trip to a store, so I ordered mine from the Jo Malone Web site, and it arrived right away.The Jo Malone description is in italics below.

Nature’s blooms at their most tempting. The nectarous, pink-fringed pompoms of Silk Blossom. Irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. Apricot-fresh with a touch of spice. Airy with clouds of powder-soft heliotrope, nestling on a bed of moss. Fruity and enticing.

Here is what I learned at Fragrantica. Jo Malone created Silk Blossom created in collaboration with Marie Salamagne. Silk Blossom provides an unusual blend of aromas creating harmony of spices, gentle floral shades, fruit zests, and soft moss. The fragrance opens with a tart union of white pepper, bergamot, and sweet apricots, announcing exotic silk blossom in the heart, surrounded with delicate jasmine and rose petals. The floral notes are enhanced by a harmony of warm moss and vanilla-like, soft flavors of heliotrope in the base of the composition, providing a luxurious, pink tone. According to Marie Salamagne, the accent lies with the flower as well as silk wood, providing a special atmosphere to the composition while accentuating it with characteristic elegance.

I'll just add that it's a divine, enticing floral, with no wood note that I can discern. I love it!

It's time for the Friday Forum. I love this part of our week. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

If you are offline for the rest of the weekend, I'll wish you a Happy Memorial Day now. I'll be writing this weekend, so come on back if you can.

Silk Blossom photo courtesy of Jo Malone; iris photo by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

The fellow you tapped sounds like a disorganized opportunist out to make a few bucks. He was obviously caught off guard when he was contacted by your attorney. He probably felt the need to level the playing field and so he said he had engaged legal services, too. I sincerely doubt he had any representation at the time your attorney contacted him or he would have simply told your attorney to contact his. That doesn't mean he won't get professional assistance at some point, but for now the ball is in his court while he thinks about what to do. I hope he decides to go through with your agreement, sign the damn release, and get his settlement so you can both get on with your lives.

I purchased a couple things this week. I bought Chanel's Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multicolour in 02. I could have gone with either 01 or 02 depending on how I wanted to use the product. Had I wanted a highlight, contour, blush type of product, 01 would have been my choice but I was in the market for an actual bronzer and so 02 was the clear winner for me. I don't wear bronzer very often, but when I do, I like a light application in the classic "3" shape---just enough warmth, color, and glow to make me look like I've spent a bit of time outdoors. This new addition to Les Beiges fills the bill. I believe Jo bought the 01 and loves it as much as I love the 02 :-)

I also bought one of the new Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Colours in Pink Glow. It offers a transparent hint of pink that looks like a light and natural flush. It's pretty and delicate although the SA said it could be built up. But who'd want to do that? It defeats the whole purpose of bonne mine (healthy glow) products. They're supposed to create a casual and effortless natural look. Anyway, I've worn the pink a couple of days and like it so I might go back for the coral.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and restful long Memorial weekend. And while you're enjoying the peace and security around you, I hope you'll take the time to thank those men and women who gave their lives while protecting us and guarding our values.

Jo said...

The beauty highlight of the week for me was my purchase of 2 products from the new Chanel Les Beiges collection. As Eileen said, I purchased the Healthy Glow Powder in 01. The SA who helped me and I both thought it was the best choice for me. The 02 was a little too dark for me and it just was not very flattering on me. I love my Tom Ford bronzer in Terra and find myself reaching for that on days I feel like wearing bronzer. The 01 is very flattering on my fair skin. Lisa Eldridge did two videos for the Chanel website using 01. At first I mixed the shades together and used it that way which I like very much, but Lisa's videos demonstrated using the shades separately. The tan shade as contour, the peach as a blush and light shade as a highlighter. She also finished one of the looks off by using Rouge Coco Shine in Satisfaction which I already had and I love simple, natural look the combination produces. I also bought the Les Beiges fluid in 10. I am a 20 in the Les Beiges powder but found 10 in the fluid works best for me. I have good skin so not much to cover up and the fluid just evens everything out and makes my skin glow. I love it. I prefer a physical sunscreen and wish Chanel could have made the product work with zinc oxide instead of the chemical sunscreen they used but I use enough of it that it will do for my 20 minute drive to work in the morning. On weekends I'll use it over my physical sunscreen.

You proved to be quite an influence on me this week CG. I bought the YSL powder you posted about (like it a lot) and the BB nail color (which I had to order from Nordstrom online since the stores do not have the collection yet). The nail polish looks like such a unique shade.

Nordstrom is having their bi-annual buy 2 mascaras and get one free event tomorrow, May 24. You can buy from different brands, the third of lesser or equal value is free. The offer is good online too.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and introduction to summer and that you all take a minute to remember the men and women who make the extra day off possible.

Meredith said...

I'll second that, Eileen! Hear, hear!

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, the insurance company that is not covering me told me there are seven signs of fraud, and he fits all of them!

I need one of those Laura Mercier sticks! Thanks for reminding me.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I think Eileen hit the nail on the head. This guy is a scammer. Are you sure he didn't orchestrate the accident? I've heard of that happening. I'm sorry that it's been a tough week.
On a brighter note, I think the Jo Malone fragrance sounds luscious! I had read about it on Blue Mercury's website and it intrigues me.
As did Chantecaille's latest Instagram post of a face chart with the most gorgeous summer colors, including a beautiful, wearable orangey lip shade called "Hibiscus." Have you seen it?

Grlnxdor said...

I've had good luck with Nordstrom online for purchasing new MAC collections. I don't even bother with MAC's website because everything sells out so quickly. I managed to snag the Clear Water lipglass and the Silver Sun eyeshadow from the Alluring Aquatic collection. I've already received the lip glass and the eyeshadow should be shipped on 6/6. If you don't see a product when it's initially launched on Nordstrom's website, keep checking. They often re-stock within 24 hrs, but then you need to be quick and snatch up the products you want.

Jo said...

CG, when I lived in DC I was hit intentionally by someone who backed his car up into me even though my lights were on and I was beeping my horn. He just would not stop, there was plenty of time and room for him to stop. He was clearly adept at perpetuating fraud and he was adorned with enough gold jewelry to open his own store. I'm sure he made his living by doing all kinds of fraudulent activity. He tried to tell me that I could get someone to fix my car for less than what the insurance company was going to pay so I could pocket the rest. We happened to be insured by the same company but different agents and I told my agent what happened and he made sure to alert the other agent about him. I am perplexed and mystified by people who have no conscience and think it OK to drive up everyone's insurance rates with their fraud. The guy you're involved with is an idiot to not take what is offered and move on.

CGirl said...

Hi CG!
The man sounds like such a scam artist. I hope he lets you resolve it without much more stress or waiting.

I, too, ordered some lovelies from the Mac aquatic collection. It was a pain though. I stalked every store website that launched the collection only to have the ones I wanted sold out before I could purchase them. So frustrating! I waited until Thursday (in-store launch date) and called my local Nordstrom counter. They had 2 of them, but had sold out of the third the day before--they launched early to coordinate with the sale. Thankfully, the helpful rep located one at another store and had it shipped to me. I can't wait for them to arrive.

I also ordered a new Clarisonic Mia2 and reordered my favorite facial exfoliatior. I decided to try a Sephora sampler set, I believe it's called Meet Your Match, that has coordinating lip glosses and nail polishes. They are all very cute and some great colors (plus, I like being able to try several brands); my main complaint is one of the lipgloss colors is no longer available. I absolutely love it and wanted a full size, plus it's not a brand sold anywhere else. So annoying.

Sorry for the lengthy post! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Behindthepillar said...

Another buyer of the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder. I went for No1 in the end as it looked so pretty on the assistant who helped me choose and I had just bought a new bronzer from Body Shop (bargain) that I am loving, so felt the bronzing was already covered for this season (although I am also tempted by Guerlain's special edition). Still experimenting with the Chanel and impatient for the Summer nails and lip products that still haven't made it this side of the the Pond. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all in US. Susan, London

Evelyn said...

I'm with everyone else, this guy sounds like he's definitely a scammer. I hope they've got his number.

I did purchase the BB Telluride bronzer. I was a little worried when I opened it that it would not work with my skin but yes it does! It gives me that look of when I've been in a little reddened by the sun mixed with the beginnings of a tan. I still like my Guerlain bronzers better but the ones I have from BB also work very well for me. I'm going to look for those LM Bonne Mine sticks. Now I'm curious!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend everyone. :)