Sunday, May 4, 2014

Le Métier de Beauté Pale Shelter Kaleidoscope from the Spring 2014 Kaleidocope Program

Le Métier de Beauté's Pale Shelter Kaleidoscope from the Spring 2014 Kaleidoscope Program arrived about a week ago. It surprised me. I had purchased the spring program so long ago (I think), I forgot it. In came a Kaleidoscope, with a note from Rich (printed?), and I was flabbergasted.

Naturally, I tore into the box, where I found an unusual Kaleidosccope called Pale Shelter on the bottom. I do not believe there were any instructions for use, but it's always possible I accidentally ditched them. Who needs instructions, anyhow? Unfortunately, I have no color names.

I'm supposed to receive another Kaleidoscope this month - the second in the program, which is sold out. However, there is a current Summer 2014 Program that you can purchase here. I feel kind of badly showing you something you can't purchase, but you never know what will turn up on eBay (or on a blog sale, if you shop them).

Pale Shelter's label on the bottom looked like it had spent some time in storage, getting scratched and mistreated. The powders in the swing-out arms, however, are pristine. My first thought when I started to test the colors was, "This is a very nice basics or neutrals palette." My second thought was, "How typical that a palette designed by Mikey Castillo would have a lavender shade in it." I think he is fixated on lavender/plum/red shades. Fortunately, this lavender - whatever it's called - is nice and neutral.

I took this angled shot of Pale Shelter to try to show you a bit of all the colors. You will note that the top drawer is split, holding two shades. That's an innovation for Kaleidoscopes, and I think it will serve Le Métier de Beauté extremely well. Not everyone wants a full pan of, say, lavender.

I swatched all the shades with a sponge-tipped applicator, starting at the bottom of the Kaleidoscope on my arm and working toward the split pan at the top. I took my photos in full sun. At this point, and with what we went through during the last week, I can't remember whether it was morning, noon, or late afternoon! That little detail has vanished into the recesses of my brain that hold meaningless facts.

Look at how the grass greened up in a week! All winter, my grassy backdrops looked dead. Now there's fresh green life.

The yellow at the top of my arm is a cream, I think. I assume it's supposed to be used as a concealer or base shade. It's nice, although just a little too yellow for my skin. I'll use it wisely. The lavender is below it. Although it is "browned down" a bit, you can still see the red in it. I love Mikey, but don't get me going on his love for red around the eyes. Then we would have to talk about layering and blending, and I'm too tired for that this evening.

The shimmering copper-taupe blend (third shade down on my arm) is gorgeous. It's a color I can fully embrace. I love it. The two shades below, which I swatched in thinner stripes because they look like eyeliners, are charcoal and "muddy brown." The charcoal is a good shade. The brown is definitely mud on my skin.

Overall, I think Mikey might have had a warm-skinned, West Coast beauty in mind when he created Pale Shelter. I think anyone with warm-toned skin will find this Kaleidoscope an everyday reach-for palette. For me, with my cool-toned, pale skin, it will always be a second choice to the many Kaleidoscopes I have. There are some, particularly the ones designed by Michael Reinhardt, that suit my skin color better. I wish Le Métier de Beauté would let me design the perfect Kaleidoscope for pale blondes!

As I mentioned, it's too late to order Pale Shelter. If you can stand the suspense of buying into a surprise program, sign up for the Summer 2014 series. It could be fun!

P.S. Word has it that Pale Shelter might make a for-sale appearance at Camp Gorgeous at Neiman Marcus in June. Nag your favorite Le Métier de Beauté rep if you want one. Just don't quote me.

Photo at top courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Christina said...

Can you tell me how is your mother?

I love the shadows and it reminds me of Serge Lutens cosmetic shadow palette. Beautiful!

Charlestongirl said...

Christina, thanks for asking. I put an update on the post below. She is home!! Getting stronger every day, but will be getting i.v. antibiotics all week.

Chateepatee said...

Hi CG- If my memory serves me right, I believe we signed up for this series in mid December. It's a 3 part series- the eyes, lips and face (cheeks)?
I like the dual eyeliners, but am unsure of what to make of the base/concealer product. Is this a travel kit of sorts?
It's not at all what I expected, although I do like LMdB lavender shades, I have plenty!
I'm thinking this may not be a favorite of mine either, but I've been fooled before by the experts @ LMdB- they certainly offer a premium product and just when I think I'm going to give away a new pallet of theirs- I give it one last try and usually fall in love with it.
Take care CG. Best to your Mom.

Kiss & Make-up said...

How is your mom doing? I'm surprised but happy to see you posting new reviews already. Hopefully that means that your mom's condition is improving fast.

Eileen said...

I'm so pleased to hear that your mom is resting comfortably at home. No doubt she feels more secure and at ease in a familiar and loving environment. Hospitals can be so depressing! I also hope that you are still taking good care of yourself and conserving your energy so that your shoulder and knee fully heal. I know it's hard to keep a good woman down--especially a very busy one like you--but plenty of rest and a good dose of TLC is exactly what you need.

As for the LMdB Kaliedoscope, I'm not sure what to make of it. I would have thought they'd have created something a bit more universal. That cream base shade (?) would look dreadful on my skin as would that particular shade of brown liner. Hopefully, the next release will have a broader appeal and better suit your coloring. Although I didn't sign up for it, I've been curious to see what they'd be bringing out so I thank you for sharing it with us.

hold on, i'm almost finished with this chapter... said...

hi cg, i was worried when you hadn't posted since your mom being in the hospital! i'm glad you're back! any hoo, i received an email detailing how to use the pale shelter k'scope, and i believe it's posted on le metier's facebook page..gotta run to work but i'll copy and paste it later if you that creamy one is a base...

Mamavalveeta03 said...

The lavender-ish shade? Beautiful, but the reddis browns are unwearable for almost anyone but professional models with photo-shoppers running around after them!
Sittin'bon the bench...again.

Chateepatee said...

Yes, the email with application instructions arrived April 25th. I believe it was sent in lieu of written instructions/ promo material that was excluded in the box.
Today I followed directions and just as I thought, the combo of both shadows and both eyeliners does lean neutral believe it or not!

cam said...

There was an email on 4/25 from LMB that explained how to use it:

The Pale Shelter Kaleidoscope from Le Métier de Beauté
A utilitarian, and portable eye-makeup wardrobe that embraces both form and function. Simple and complete, this exclusive Kaleidoscope features a stacked collection of the necessary pleasures of the eye.
1. A cream eye shadow-base to use under eye makeup to elongate wear.
2. A universal eye shadow, featuring a cool neutral tone.
3. A second universal eye shadow, featuring a warm neutral tone.
4. And the pièce de résistance, a duo-pan selection cake eyeliner featuring a smoldering dark chocolate and a luxurious black onyx. Both can be used either wet or dry.

Application Suggestion
This unique collection was intended to be eye-catching, but simple. Beautiful form is created in the shape of the two most blendable eye shadow hues in the herstory of femininity (a pale tan and a pale taupe). These pale shades are then paired with two intensifying dark eye-liner hues for sex appeal and drama. The built-in, long-wear cream-base on the bottom tier of the Kaleidoscope provides the formidable function.
To employ the proprietary makeup application technique of Le Métier de Beauté: les Couches de Coleur, we recommend layering all the tiers starting from the bottom tier of the Kaleidoscope, and then ascending to the top.

1. Begin with the bottom tier: The long-wear, cream eye shadow base. Apply this light-weight cream using the most feather light touch of your finger(or for superior hygiene, employ the Concealer Brush), and spread across the eyelid where you intend to wear eye shadow. Typically we would suggest starting in the base of the eye, nearest the eyelashes, and smoothing the product up towards the eye brows.
2. Working your way up the Pale Shelter Kaleidoscope, apply the pale taupe-shadow onto the eyelid upon the cream base. Do not rub or sweep the shadow on, but rather, lay down the shadow properly into place with the Eye Shadow Brush. The shadow should instantly adhere. For deeper or more pronounced color-depth, add additional layers to increase intensity.
3. The next tier up in the Kaleidoscope houses the beautifully universal, pale tan eye shadow. Apply in the same manner on top of the previous layer of color, to create a genteel contrast to the shade, and create the illusion of depth.
4. And finally, the top tier, a smokey cake-eyeliner! For the best control and perfect application of this product, try the Flat Eye Liner Brush. It is a flat, and tightly precise brush created to deposit or smudge a perfectly fine line. Use either the chocolate brown or the black onyx, or blend both hues together for drama in the base of the eye. If you moisten the Flat Eye Liner Brush, the cake liner will appear intensified and more exciting upon the eye. Our suggestion would be to moisten the brush, rather than the product, for superior control.

Wishing you Glamour
and Excitement,

Mikey Castillo
Makeup Director
Le Métier de Beauté

Lulubelle said...

I signed up for the summer kaleidoscope series, looking forward to seeing what they come up with! I'm envisioning something colorful, given the seasonal emphasis.

Unknown said...

Hello CG! I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering how your Mom was getting along. I do hope she is well and home. Hope you are also feeling much better.
Great to see your post. Thanks a bunch.
Take care.