Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Word about FeedBlitz, AOL, and Yahoo

AOL and Yahoo are making changes that affect your subscriptions to blogs - not just my blog. I have received a few unsubscription notices that say "ISP requested removal." That's malarky. It's your right to decide whose e-mail you wish to receive, not your Internet Service Provider's.

This issue has to do with DMARC (e-mail authentication method) changes, and it's becoming a problem for bloggers. The AOL and Yahoo policies block a lot of spam, but also a lot of legit mail in the process. While FeedBlitz is working to say one step ahead of them, I'd recommend you add to your contacts to ensure that you get my e-mails. There is no legitimate ISP reason to unsubscribe from a blog. Best Things in Beauty does not send spam.

If you wish to read more, head over to this link: It's written for bloggers, but you'll get the gist. Here is another one, but you can Google it and see hundreds of articles.

My opinion? The whole thing is nuts.

Photo courtesy of FeedBlitz

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