Monday, June 23, 2014

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil

It's been a long time since I purchased a Josie Maran product. I think the novelty wore off, and I stopped buying. However, when I saw Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil ($18) online at Sephora, I was newly intrigued, so I decided to give Josie a whirl again. I wish I hadn't.

Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil is a colorful formula inspired by Josie’s bestselling argan infinity intensive creamy oil, now in tints for lips and cheeks. I purchased Limitless Pink, one of the lightest shades. It's described as medium pink. This product is made for those looking for a pop of dewy, natural color that can be used on lips and cheeks.

Described as hydrating, nourishing, and argan oil-infused, this tinted treatment "tarts as a cream and melts into an oil for a pop of natural-looking, never-greasy color. The formula is 97 percent natural and petroleum-free." Maran says it's ideal for use on all skin types and all skin tones.

“I love putting my Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil on my lips and cheeks to battle dryness and keep them soft. So I thought, why not make a tinted version to add a kiss of color? I’m in love with these cute color wonders. The tint is transparent, so it looks natural, but the popping pigment brightens up lips and cheeks instantly,” said its creator, Josie Maran.

I took swatch photos in full sun, applying a tiny bit of product to my fingertip and then swirling it onto my arm. I noticed immediately that it has a texture similar to an ointment. It's heavy, like Vasoline or an ointment.

While the warm pink color you see on my arm is beautiful, it does not translate this way to my lips or cheeks. When applied to my lips, it feels like Vasoline - very heavy. I assumed the texture would guarantee some longevity to the color. Wrong! The product stayed on my lips for hours, but the pretty pink color was gone in 10 minutes. I don't understand how the color "went poof" while the underlying vehicle stayed in place. After 10 minutes, I might has well have had Vaseline on my lips.

I had an entirely different experience when I applied it to my cheeks. Limitless Pink is dark on me and very hard to blend. It dries on contact. In order to blend it, I have to mix it with moisturizer.

If I can't wear it on my lips or cheeks, I fear that I have to give a fail to Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil. That's ashamed. The color on my arm is pretty, and I admire Josie Maran for her commitment to eco-friendly cosmetics.

You can purchase all of Josie Maran's products at Sephora and at her own Web site.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


bisbee said...

Send it back!

Evelyn said...

I bought this one too a while back and passed it on to my sister. I tried it on my lips which was better than what happened on my cheeks and I actually preferred it as a lip color. My cheeks tend to be oily and when I put this on it refused to dry down. It was sticky and remained so until I washed it off. oh well!

ame said...

I love the original version of this product (vs the tinted) but the formula is different on the tinted one, as it contains castor products. While I am sad it didn't work for you, I am relieved it's kind of a dud because now it squashes my disappointment that I can't use it.

MoonRae said...

THANKS so much for your review!! I was going to buy this myself and I'm so glad that you tested it and saved me some bucks and time


Resham said...

This product didn't work for me. The color and the oil just separated and there was hardly any pay off. I like the Gel blush, the one with coconut water. Recently picked in Florida..

Lisa said...

All of the colors are gorgeous when swatched. I fell hard for Guava. I was at Sephora and tried it on my cheeks. It applied smoothly over my foundation and blended seamlessly. . . .and within minutes DISAPPEARED! Zero staying power. Completely greasy mess on the lips- - - -the color did not translate well at all. Two thumbs way down. Didn't they beta test these at all? What a hot mess!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I, too, purchased it because I'm a big fan of Josie Maran's Infinity Cream for my hands and her Argan Oil for my face. Unfortunately, I found this difficult to apply precisely and thus, I end up with a mess! And I'm a former makeup artist!, so I can't imagine what the average consumer thinks. I didn't particularly find it sticky, but I certainly wasn't wowed by it. And no color payoff for me, either.

Sherry P said...

I actually like it on my cheeks and it worked. However, whatever is in the formula, when I put it on my lips feels like pieces of grit! Not good. Overall not really happy with this. Was sure wishing it was good as the colors are gorgeous. Oh well

Lulle said...

I have to say that it works pretty well for me, at least on my cheeks. Guava is also darker than you would expect looking at the tube, but it gives me a nice natural flush. On lips I find that it's not quite as hydrating as an argan oil based product should be.

For Ame: the ingredient commonly called "castor oil" in cosmetics is a vegetal oil extracted from ricinus communis, also called the castor plant. It is not an animal product if this is your concern.