Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eve Lom Brilliance Cover Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I've found a "new-to-me" concealer I really like for very specific reasons. For the same reasons I like it, others may not like it at all.

Eve Lom's Brilliance Cover Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($40) is available in six shades (good range, but not fabulous). I purchased the lightest shade, Alabaster, at Neiman Marcus.

This concealer is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and signs of aging, with this smooth, creamy formula. A powerful light-diffusing ingredient gives a soft-focus effect, instantly covering imperfections and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and large pores. Meanwhile, plant extracts hydrate deep down and encourage cellular renewal to repair, strengthen, and discourage new wrinkles from forming. Skin is protected too; SPF15 guards against UVA and UVB damage, while potent antioxidants stop aging free radicals in their tracks. Your complexion is perfected, radiant, and reinforced from within, with a silky, matte finish.

I like Eve Lom Brilliance Cover Concealer because it provides light coverage. I don't need a heavy concealer under my eyes. Heavy concealers can actually sink into my "expression lines." What I do appreciate is a product that brightens the area, and Eve Lom's concealer excels at brightening. I also appreciate the sun protection factor. Here are the benefits Eve Lom identifies.
  • Conceals imperfections, blemishes, and signs of aging
  • Light-diffusing formula gives a soft-focus effect
  • Cellular renewal is encouraged, leading to firmer, stronger, more healthy skin
  • Skin is hydrated, nourished, and repaired for youthful elasticity
  • Rich, creamy blendability
  • UVA/UVB and antioxidant protection
  • Actively beneficial for all skin types
The active ingredient berryflux vita stimulates the skin's natural hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration.  The concealer is rich in antioxidants, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier, and helps preserve collagen and elastin for suppleness and tone.

Age-defying sea fennel thrives on rocky coastlines and this formula harnesses that hardy resistance. By stimulating cellular renewal, it helps the epidermis regain its youthful smoothness and vitality, improving its structure and thickness while simultaneously thinning down the cornified cell masses, which contribute to the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients are impressive for a concealer.

Who won't like Brilliance Cover Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 15? Anyone who needs moderate to heavy coverage under the eyes (or on other regions of the face). This concealer will not provide that, no matter how much you may layer as you apply it. If dark circles are your scourge, forget this product.

I apply it with my fingers, but you can also use a concaler brush for an equally desirable effect. If you use your fingers, make sure they are clean. There is a good amount of product in the container, and you don't want to contaminate it over time.

I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus. You can also find Eve Lom at Barneys, Nordstrom, and the Eve Lom Web site.

Photo courtesy of Eve Lom


Anonymous said...

I love this concealer. Light texture but really covers dark circles really well.

Eileen said...

I'm with you Charlestongirl. I'm at the age where I'm not into camouflaging so much as brightening. As the eyes sink, the skin around the eyes thins, and the wrinkles and crinkles settle in (Pretty picture, huh? LOL), the heavier and more opaque concealers just don't make the grade. They might do an excellent job of hiding the shadows, but they invariably draw attention to all the lines :-( Nowadays I simply eschew concealer and use a light layer of Tom Ford's stick foundation for those times when I have somewhere special to go. This Eve Lom concealer sounds very interesting, though, so I'll have to go take a look at it the next time I'm in the Valley. Since I don't have blemishes, broken capillaries, etc. I really only need something to brighten the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Jo said...

Nothing has ever brightened my under eyes as much as this concealer. Love it! It is not heavy but does do a good job of lightening the slight blue in the inner corner of my under eyes as well.

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Jo said...

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Resham said...

I want something as lite as this one... but buying without seeing the color is one difficult task, esp in case of concealer and foundation.

Laney said...

You can also find it at space nk!