Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coming Soon: CREED Acqua Originale Collection

One of my favorite fragrance companies, CREED, has created a new line of fragrances called the Acqua Originale Collection. Five new fragrances are being released at one time - in mid-July. Is this a first?

The Acqua Originale Collection is Master Perfumer Olivier Creed’s living fragrance journal of countless globetrotting journeys with the fine art of perfumery as the narrative.

Asian Green Tea
Born from Olivier’s appreciation of Japanese art and culture of the Far East, Asian Green Tea opens with green, golden notes evoking the landscape of Malaysia, one of Olivier's favorite Eastern destinations. The fragrance bows with sparkling bergamot, mandarin, and essential oil of lemon petitgrain, then uncovers a fragrant floral bouquet of violet, heliotrope, rose, and sweet cassie blended with the region’s ritual: green tea. The finish is a warm melange of amber, sandalwood and musk.

Cedre Blanc
An ode to the intense green accords of the American forests, Cedre Blanc captures the woodsy floral scents found in the untouched beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia adored by Olivier. Beginning with fragrant laurel, spicy cardamom and bitter galbanum, the scent reveals transparent floral notes of geranium, water lily, and jasmine leaving a base of Virginian cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Iris Tubéreuse
A shimmering white floral that combines the romance of Tuscany and the exotic allure of India, bringing together two of Olivier’s favorite places in one luxurious juice. Delicate iris - one of the most expensive raw materials gathered from the root - fresh galbanum, tender green violet leaf, and orange open the scent. Indian tuberose, the finest in the world collected by moonlight, follows with ylang ylang and lily of the valley to create an unforgettable bouquet of scent. Sicilian orange blossom, musk, and Mexican vanilla orchid create the sensual dry down of Iris Tubéreuse.

Abardeen Lavander [is this misspelled?]
Aberdeen Lavander is a tribute to Creed’s early client and endearing patron, Her Majesty Queen Victoria, whose heart lay always in the Highlands of Scotland. Olivier created this oriental fougére as a historical nod to the Creed archives and the Queen’s beloved picturesque northern retreat. Mysterious anise-flavored absinthe, rosemary, bergamot and lemon give way to a bouquet of annual lavender - flowering in the same year in which it is sown, sumptuous tuberose, iris, and full rose. Dark, dry patchouli, smoky leather, and vetiver complete the unique dry down.

Vetiver Geranium
The Island of Java, Olivier’s favorite destination east of Bali and just south of the equator, served as inspiration for Vetiver Geranium. The accord brings to life Indonesian vetiver that adorns the mountainous rolling hills of its native landscape and pairs the sensual, soothing essence of geranium to create a vibrant juice. Handpicked crisp granny smith apple, bergamot, and lemon make a luminous debut, while warm cinnamon and rose lead to hearty patchouli, cedar, and relaxing amber.

Each of these new fragrances will be priced at $300. You can pre-order them from the CREED Boutique.

Update: I hear the testers have arrived at Neiman Marcus.

Photo courtesy of CREED


virginiaisforluvrs said...

Iris Tubéreuse sounds really good! Might have to try getting a sample on perfumed court before I buy one.

Walls said...

Swoon... I love CREED, too, and the Iris Tuberose fragrance has more than piques my curiosity. Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

Jo said...

Just popping in to say that Laura Mercier is having a 20% off $75 or more purchase. It's only until June 27 so hurry.

Kiss & Make-up said...

Oooh I like the sound of Iris Tubéreuse!