Sunday, June 1, 2014

M·A·C Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder in Delphic from the Alluring Aquatic Collection

The last piece I purchased from M·A·C's Alluring Aquatic Collection - the  Face Collection - was Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder in Delphic ($33). I had two choices, Delphic, described as a soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer; and Aphrodite's Shell, a golden bronze, also with a touch of fine shimmer. Given the swatch photos on M·A·C's Web site, I think I ordered the wrong one for my skin. However, I'm pleased with Delphic.

A liquid-powder bronzer with prismatic reflections. Highlights the face in the golden bronze shimmer of Aphrodite’s Shell and soft tan of Delphic. The cool, creamy, near-fluid formula creates a luminous well-defined finish. It provides 10-hour wear, and of course it comes in the beautiful teal packaging, accented with raindrops.

I took swatch photo of Delphic in full sun. I used a sponge-tipped applicator to apply it very heavily at the top of my arm, then I used a kabuki brush to apply the large swatch below.

You can see that Delphic, when applied relatively normally, gives a golden tan to the skin. It does have a subtle shimmer, but it doesn't make me look in any way like a disco ball. It's flattering. My skin can go either way (gold or pink). Delphic will give me that golden touch that looks like a real kiss from the sun.

Aphrodite's Shell appears to have more pink in it, and it might have been a better shade for me. I'll go looking to see if it's available anywhere. I ordered it online at Nordstrom, which has both shades available. Once I see whether it really is a better shade for me, I'll probably give Delphic to one of my friends.

M·A·C is sold out of the entire Alluring Aquatic Collection. Try Nordstrom online (or in stores) if there is something you would like to purchase. It may be your best bet.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


LilJeJa said...

I think Aphrodite's shell would work better for you. But to be honest I am not crazy about that one either. I got it when it was released and it's just meh... I have so many other bronzers that are much better. And I know you do too. Well at least it's a cute packaging.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, LilJeJa.

I may hate it, in which case I will give it away. You are right: I certainly don't need any more bronzers. It was a curiosity thing. :)

LilJeJa said...

No I do not think you will hate it. It's just ok, nothing to blow you away compared to other bronzers on the market.

Ellen said...

I have very fair skin and light auburn hair. I got the Aphrodite's Shell based on swatches I saw on another blog. I really like it. Not overwhelming or too orange. I layer a light blush or highlighter over it and it warms up any color to match my skintone. I've never been a big MAC fan, but this summer's collections have been exemplary! The Sharon Osbuoune collection has the best warm color selection that I have ever seen from MAC! I got the Duchess eyeshadow quad and I may get a backup, all colors are perfect, and that's rare in a quad, let alone one that works for redheads! The highlighter in the Refresh skinfinish duo is a pale golden pink and is the first highlighter that I have ever been able to use, too bad its only one quarter of the pan. The skinfinish duo in the Kelly Osbourne collection is a taupe and pink combo that turns into a beautiful nude blush. The patent lip pencil in Sharon's collection in French Kiss is the first golden brown lip product I have ever found from MAC, and they are hard to find in general! The bronzer is the only thing I got from the aquatic collection, but it is a good base for any of the other cheek products. I've spent way too much money on makeup this spring, but I've never found so many products that are perfect for my skintone, so I've bought back ups. I'm glad to see more usable colors from MAC, they are usually more exotic! Its a well priced line with fragrance free products, so I am happy to be able to use it. I only wish it was cruelty free, but beggars can't be choosers. Hopefully they will be able to find a way to continue their quality production without animal testing!