Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coming Attraction: Tom Ford Shimmer Shot for Fall 2016

I must apologize for the quality of the photos in this feature. I took them from a Tom Ford Training Manual. I must have been quite a sight, sitting outdoors on a staircase in the city, drawing attention as I snapped photos of each page.

Tom Ford's Shimmer Shot reminds me of Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer, and that's why I'm excited to get my hands on it. It is a lightweight liquid that can be used on any skin tone to create luminosity or a fine luster. Its pearlescent glow highlights and defines the bone structure, creating a perfectly balanced symmetry or strobing (that new term I find laughable).

Shimmer Shot blends flawlessly into the skin for an instant glow. It can also be mixed with your foundation to make your face glow - just like Fluid Sheer. On the skin, it softens and diffuses light for a smooth finish.

Unlike Fluid Sheer, which is available in many shades, it will be available in two shades this fall: Spin Spin Sugar and Lust for Life. Both of these glow on the skin - no sparkle, just a beautiful gleam.

It will be a limited edition, so don't waste time if you are interested in purchasing it. I'm sure Debbie O'Malley will put you on her waiting list. I'm on it. You can reach her at (202) 966-9700. Ask for her at Tom Ford Cosmetics.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

I have never had a TF highlighter that I didn't absolutely love. I love the refined glow, I love the sophisticated pearlescence, I love the complexion enhancing color, and I love the way it illuminates the high points of the face <3. Do I sound like a fan? I am! Spin Spin Sugar is on my must have list. I've seen a couple swatch pictures and was completely captivated.

Charlestongirl said...

Me too, Eileen. I can't wait!