Monday, September 12, 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Star Clash Edition Lipstick

YSL's beautiful, limited-edition Rouge Pur Couture Star Clash Edition Lipstick will dress you for the holidays, with gold and silver sparkles and a bullet embossed with stars. It's a fancy lipstick for those who want to look glitzy when they pull it out of their bags to refresh the color.

This collector’s edition of Rouge Pur Couture features six iconic shades for the season. When I examined them to select one, I decided it was time for me to purchase some new nude lip colors. Le Nu, #70, was my choice. All of the shades are intense, and I was afraid that several of them would be too bright for me.

In one stroke, you’ll achieve elegant, rich color that dresses the lips with intense hydration and antioxidant care, leaving lips soft, supple, and smooth. It delivers on that promise.

It looks like I accidentally drew on my background paper again - and I was so careful! Nevertheless, I hope you can see that the packaging and lipstick themselves will attract attention. I took my photos in full, mid-afternoon sun.

This is a good nude shade for me and others with light hair and fair skin. It has enough warm pink color to brighten our faces. I read in a recent StyleWatch that those with fair skin should look for nude lipsticks that carry a soft rose or baby pink to make the whole face glow. This one does that.

You can find this lipstick at YSL counters and at Sephora. It looks like the other available shades are bright. If you can handle bright colors on your lips, give them a try.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

Although I'm not a huge fan of YSL glosses, I absolutely adore YSL lipsticks and Rouge Pur is one of my favorites. They're smooth, creamy, hydrating, and they have a nice satin finish. Of course, like all YSL lip products, they're fragranced, but if that doesn't bother you then Rouge Pur is a lovely choice. I picked out Rose Stilletto as my eye is turning more and more towards traditional autumn plums as we begin to have cooler days. I like that I can dab it on my lips with a light touch of balm for more of a stain look or I can apply it in all its full glory for a more luscious look. I don't buy lipstick for the case, but I must admit that this special edition is a pretty one.

Charli's Daily Diary said...

I almost purchased this as well. It is such a pretty colour and the case is gorgeous. I am trying to get through more of my lipsticks before I purchase again. This is a hard challenge! There are so many beautiful lipsticks!

Eileen said...

Rose Stiletto would look beautiful on you as well as all the silver foxes :-) It straddles the line nicely between cool and warm so it goes with cool grey hair but looks warm and luminous on the lips. By the way everyone, Rose Stiletto is not a new color and is part of the regular Rouge Pur lineup. The only thing new is the Star Clash case.

Liz said...

What a pretty color! I need lipstick like I need a third leg, but this is seriously tempting!

Wendy said...

Hi lovely Charleston Girl!! Oh that lipstick is beautiful!! Thank you for mentioning nude lips on pale skin. This 1 is a winner especially, if you like it!! Something I wanted to tell you that I did today....I used blush for lipstick (don't ask) and put a little aquaphor over it and I'm telling you that it was the best " lipstick" that I've worn in a long time! It practically lasted all day and made my lips look extremely full! And, I liked the finish which was matte. Maybe I'm on to something? Xo to you!!

ewewhojane said...

Thank you Eileen for pointing out that Rose Stiletto isn't new; I have that color and do really like it. I pulled it out of the bottom of my knitting bag (don't moan, I own a yarn shop but wear lipstick every day) and was excited to rediscover it.

LadyJicky said...

Like Liz Fahy Scott .... I need another lipstick like I need a hold in the head but..... Ooooo its just so Pretty!!!! Mmmmm - I wonder if its reached my shores yet??? LOL

franlynne said...

After reading your lovely review of this lipstick yesterday, I went out today to take a look. I am very fair with pigmented lips, so nudes can be tricky. Much to my delight, this is perfection. Because we are heading into Fall, I paired it with a mauve toned liner and I am over the moon with my purchase. In warmer weather I will probably skip the fall toned liner. I need another lipstick like I need a hole in the head, but it is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with your readers.

Charlestongirl said...

Y'all are a riot. If anyone doesn't need more lipstick, it's I. However, I love this one. Like Eileen, I have always loved Rouge Pur. We go way back. This one is in a pretty case, but it's not terribly unique when compared to the entire line.

Wendy, I just read an article about powder pigment for lipstick. Not so weird after all.

As you can see on today's feature, CdP sent me three more lip colors. I'm a lucky gal!