Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rose Garden Melody - Coming Attraction at Rouge Bunny Rouge for Fall 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge has enticing Enchanted Garden news for you. Today their Autumn Beauty Look, Rose Garden Melody, launches and presents the two latest novelties, Skin Perfector and an Eye Shadow Palette called Caliche, for the new season.

Celebrating 10 years in the service of beauty, Rouge Bunny Rouge's Neo-Victorian Festival honors what customers love most about the company: individuality, excellent quality, and extraordinary results achieved with great ease.

The new looks, euphony of lace, summer night symphony, rose garden melody, and rebel princess, were designed to be expressions of modern beauty. Rose Garden Melody presents the lush abundance of pinks from the softest pearlescent cream-rose to sheer hot pink to dusty mauve and anything in between that creates the flattering harmony of Rouge Bunny Rouge's Autumn Beauty Look. There is a short video that presents the collection.

Skin Perfector looks like a must-have to me. I think I have one on the way. Weightless and velvety-soft, this lightly tinted primer dramatically enhances the appearance of your complexion with innovative particles called Diamond Core Powder. The formula transforms invisible UV light into blue and green light, an effect natural to young and healthy skin. Discoloration, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and imperfections nearly disappear.

Its delicate, rosy tint further flatters one's skin tone, making the skin look more radiant and fresh without any visible coverage. It is packed with antioxidents and plant-derived actives, and the combined ingredients contribute to protecting the skin.

The new Eye Shadow Palette Caliche is a nuanced harmony of muted silky purples (rosy ecru, dusky and earthy aubergine, rosewood, and mauve). This fall, you can step up your eye shadow game with this new Eye Shadow Palette color quartet. With encapsulated hyaluronic acid and argan oil added to the formula, the texture is even more silky and luxurious, while deeply hydrating to the skin. Argan oil nourishes and regenerates, too.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is quintessentially British. The company's makeup and skin care embody efficient and ground-breaking formulas, active ingredients, rich and complex colors, and unmatched signature textures with a lightweight second-skin feel. Rouge Bunny Rouge is constantly scouring the latest state-of-the-art solutions from the best international manufacturers. Rouge Bunny Rouge is also renowned (for good reason) for its fantastic world of storytelling. Elements of magic, whimsy, and mystery are playfully reflected in the names of their products, endearingly romantic or charming and mischievous.

As a counterbalance to massively trend-driven or conceptual, ritual-based cosmetics, Rouge Bunny Rouge stands for quality and effortless results - beauty that is quick and easy to achieve, with no complicated techniques that must be mastered. How perfect for modern, busy women!

Caliche will be available in the U.S. in October (you can purchase online or from Beautyhabit) and in Rouge Bunny Rouge's international and German Web Boutique at the end of this week. Check out the company's Web site.

Photos courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge


LadyJicky said...

When I see Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup on the net ... how I wish they would come to Australia.So pretty and exciting .
I know I could order over the net but .... the postage some places charge to get it to Australia! You need to rob a bank ! LOL

Anonymous said...

The RBR official website ships free of charge to all over the world with a minimum purchase requirement of 50 euro. That was one of the best news when I moved from the US to Japan!