Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Victoria Beckham Collection for Estée Lauder - Eye Foil

Yesterday was quite a day. Mid-afternoon, I went over to my mother's house to feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, foxes, and any other animals who might like what I served. As I went to get back into my car, I saw that my rear right tire was flat! I had driven over to her house with a flat tire. I decided to go to the nearest gas station with free air and pump air into my tire. Once I had finished that, I called the Audi dealer and asked if they could take a look at my tire. They said to bring it right away. So, off I went.

Thank God I bought the tire and wheel warranty when I leased my car. One hour after I arrived, I left with a new tire, which cost me nothing but the time I lost yesterday. When I got home, I realized I had very little good sunshine left to photograph Victoria Beckham's Eye Foil ($36), so I went straight for a swatch and walked far enough up my little street to "get sunshine." While I didn't get a picture of the product itself, it looks exactly as shown above in  Estée Lauder's photo.

This breakthrough liquid eye shadow delivers a high-shine, vinyl-like finish, even after it’s dried - and it dries quickly. Sparkling pearl pigments offer flecks of gold or charcoal foil for a liquid-metal effect.

This is a pretty flexible product. It can be used alone for a stunning pearl effect. It can be used under one of Beckham's Eye Metal Eyeshadows to add an entirely different dimension to the shadows. Or it can be used in the inner corners of the lids. I like it. It adds some pizazz to my eye shadow collection.

I got a kick out of something I read on the Internet the other day crediting Pat McGrath for her "new technique" of using a white or silver shadow or liner on the inner corner. I was stunned. This technique has been used by makeup artists for more years than I can count. It opens up the eyes, and everyone who knows makeup knows that. The article left me wondering if it was written by an intern.

Anyhow, Eye Foil is available (when it's not sold out) in two shades: Blonde Gold, which I purchased, and a dark shade that is also currently sold out. I can't even find the name right now, but I will later. I just got a call from Neiman Marcus that the Guerlain Holiday Collection arrived, and I have to hurry over there to have first choice of my I-wants.

As I mentioned yesterday, the preview products sold out almost instantly. The collection will be officially launched on October 1. Only one store in my area will have it, Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria. If you are interested in pre-ordering from them, give Rahman Malik a call at (703) 861-4673. Naturally, you will also be able to order from  Estée Lauder and Bergdorf Goodman once they restock.

Photo at top courtesy of  Estée Lauder; swatch photo by Best Things in Beauty


Sandra said...

CG, I have to chuckle with you re Pat McGrath getting credit for the "new" technique of using a white or silver shadow on the inner corner of the eye! I am 72, and during my High School drama club years, the attendant who helped us with our makeup for productions always told us to use a little, white on the inner corner of the eye! In those days we used " clown makeup", and then a little, white pencil came on the market. Also, I am sure the famous "Coco" Chanel used this technique, as the Chanel makeup specialists for years have been telling me to use a pale, pink, silver or white on the inside of my eye! I doubt if there are any "new" techniques. Think of the Geishas, etc!

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing Victoria's Eye Foil, and trying it at the counter. It looks beautiful, but it might be a bit to shiny for my old eyelids! I love the swatch on your warm, though, and would love to be able to wear it!

I am so glad your tire issue worked out well, and hope the rest of your week goes smoothly!

Eileen said...

Hi Sandra and Charlestongirl,

I was also in drama throughout high school and well into college. I remember putting that dot of white and that dot of red (yes, folks, fire engine red) at the inner corner to make our eyes look more visible when on stage. As for Pat McG, I believe she has a new product coming out soon. Rumor and the video "teaser" indicate it is a highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes. I'm sure Pat McG's product will be lovely as she is a master when it comes to highlighting, but she certainly didn't invent this time honored technique.

As for Chanel, I love using the pencil in Clair along my lower waterline whenever allergies have me looking a bit red-rimmed and for the inner corner highlight, I routinely use either Touche Éclat in 02 or Guerlain's Precious Light in 00.