Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2016 Runway Collection - Introduced Today

The mystery collection, used on all of the models at Tom Ford's runway show yesterday, became available for sale today. We couldn't even see it until after the show! I purchased my new pieces at Neiman Marcus from Debbie O'Malley. She had them ready for me this morning, and I came home quickly to take photos before any afternoon clouds rolled in.

Here is how Allure described the small collection...
The makeup look for the show was fresh and natural with an emphasis on shine. The foundation was kept as sheer as possible, and cheekbones were highlighted with a glossy mixture that was a blend of Tom Ford Illuminating Primer and foundation, and then tapped on with a finger to give skin a dewy, rather than shimmery, quality. The eyes, which appeared to be glossy and slightly shaded on the runway, were actually coated with a mixture of two shadows - one a shimmery golden-beige, the other a glittery chocolate brown - both of which come from the Eye Colour Duo in AW16 (short for Autumn/Winter 2016) that will go on sale September 8 at and Tom Ford counters. The lip shade (Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo in AW16) is also brand new, created just for the show. "It's a sheer nude with a bit of peach and a bit of pink, so it looks like your natural lip color, but with a beautiful texture," Tom Ford Beauty's Director of Product Development, Philippe Chansel, said backstage at the show. "And we formulated it so it can be used on every model at the show.

The Eye Color Duo in 04 AW16 ($60) is a beauty. It provides two beautifully neutral shades that can be used traditionally, layered, or blended. I am sure I'll get a lot of wear out of this duo. I took my photos in full, early afternoon sun. I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator.

The Lip Contour Duo in 09 AW16 ($53) is a very light peachy nude. It is brand new, created just for the show. I am going to have to play with the shades to make sure they give me enough color. I can always put a more colorful gloss over them to brighten my face.

There is a photo of one of the models wearing these shades below. They look good on her.

My swatch photos were taken in full sun and show how the lip colors look without any lip pigment to enhance the colors.

The peachy nude is pretty. If I don't use it this fall, I'm sure I'll wear it in the spring.

The Cheek Color shown at the top of this feature is a re-promote, Love Lust.

What do you think? Tom Ford cleverly made us wait until his runway show had ended to see and purchase these colors. Was that a clever marketing trick? It worked for me!

You can purchase them at Tom Ford Beauty online and at Tom Ford counters. If you would like help, give Debbie O'Malley a call at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie at (202) 966-9700. Ask for the Tom Ford counter.

Photos at top and of model courtesy of Allure; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


hytrud said...

I am calling Debbie today to give her an order to be shipped to Wilmington, NC. She is my go-to gal now for Tom Ford and any other brand I want to purchase, instead of purchasing online. Also, for any hand bag that I may want since you informed us she can shop for me at Neiman's & earn a commission since they lowered their earning power. These will add me with my purchase for the Beauty Event too. Thanks for the heads-up tonight!

Eileen said...

Love Lust has always been one of my favorite blush shades; especially for late summer into fall when that medium coral is so flattering. Like many of TF's blushers, it has a lovely luminosity to it without any visible sparkle and it glows like late afternoon sunshine. As summer draws to a close, though, so too has my infatuation with nude lips. I'm beginning to long for deeper, richer shades of plum and so the lip duo doesn't interest me, but that eyeshadow duo sure does and I promptly ordered it. It's gorgeous and has that metallic gleam that TF does so well. I can easily imagine it being my new BFF--or at least until something else beautiful comes along ;-)

Wendy said...

Hi lovely Charleston Girl!!! There seems to be somewhat of a "buzz" on Instagram that this duo is either similar or the same as the 2 bottom row colors of his Nude Dip palette? Do you know if that's true? The model looks lovely but, that look is way too natural looking for me! After seeing pictures of holiday collections, I'm going to stop from breaking open my piggy bank. Anyway my piggy bank is not that big and I've been "eyeing" Victoria Beckham's collection. will you be showing any swatches? Are there any items that you would consider standouts? xo to you!!

Charlestongirl said...

Wendy, I have to believe Tom Ford and his executives were telling the truth when they said the duo was created especially for the show. I can't imagine how many champagne beige and brown combos exist today, so I would chalk up that Insta buzz to wannabe makeup experts. There are far too many of them.

Charlestongirl said...

Wendy, I will swatch whatever I purchase from the Beckham collection. I have not yet seen the collection with its items identified, so I can't recommend anything yet. Stay tuned!

Eileen said...

Hi Wendy,

I have Nude Dip but ordered the new A/W 16 anyway for a few reasons. Finish: Both colors in the new duo supposedly have a smooth, metallic gleam whereas several of the Nude Dip colors have an über fine, frosty shimmer which I think will give a different look. Color: When you look at the promo picture for A/W 16, it is, indeed, reminiscent of Nude Dip, but when you look at Charlestongirl's photos (and we know they're color true), A/W 16 doesn't look like it at all. You can also take a look at Christine's old review of Nude Dip @ Temptalia to refresh your memory. A/W 16 appears cooler and sleeker. Convenience: I'm a palette devotée because I like having a small assortment of colors (2-6, with 4 being my sweet spot) that compliment each other perfectly without me rummaging through a bunch of singles or being overwhelmed by those humongous collector/pro palettes. So, yes, I ordered A/W 16. I'll be adding a bit of smudged eyeliner to the look as I have black lashes and like the look of some smokiness around them. I'll probably use an espresso color, but we'll see what looks best when I actually have the duo in my hands :-)

Are these colors generally "dupable"? Yes. That's true of most neutrals. What you're paying for is the formula, the finish, the complexity of color, and the convenience of having two complimentary colors in one palette. Oh, yeah! And you're paying for Tom Ford's name! LOL. You mentioned saving for the holiday collections. Since it promises to be a stunning season, if you don't think A/W 16 will suit you, you're wise to hang onto your money.

By the way, Wendy, I hope you were able to return those CdP liquid rouges. I'm so sorry they didn't work out for you and wonder why they "broke up" on you the way they did and didn't last very long. I've been eminently happy with mine and have been wearing them constantly. Perhaps it has to do with differences in our skincare prep or with our application technique (most likely explanation). In any event, I hope you returned them or found a loving home for them.

Tatiana said...

As much as I love Tom Ford cosmetics and their textures, etc., I have enough beige and brown shadows to last me three life times. I look dead in peachy nudes, so I'll pass on the $53 (ouch) lipstick, too. Feels good to save some $$$ every now and then.