Monday, July 19, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie Fragrance Launch

Jennifer Aniston's new fragrance, Lolavie, launches this Wednesday at Harrods. This is one of three promotion photos published at Mail Online.

Lolavie, which translates roughly as "laughing at life," is launching Wednesday at Harrods in London, where the perfume will be sold exclusively.

The ads were shot at Aniston's favorite holiday getaway spot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My question: Was it necessary for Aniston to bare her body, no matter now toned, to sell her fragrance?

Perhaps it's a lovely fragrance. It's described as "sexy and clean, floral but not too flowery." Not sure how that translates. I wish her luck with the launch. I just wish she had kept her clothes on.

Photo courtesy of Mail Online


Clarisse said...

Hmmm...maybe the photos are supposed to help sell the perfume...We all know she has a very well toned body, it was not necessary to bare it, a beautiful dress or any smart garment would have brought a dream of elegance and feminity...Here it's just another half naked body which doesn't help to imagine the fragrance. By the way I like the" sexy and clean (?!?), floral but not too flowery(?!? )"...which leaves us none the wiser..Shall we rush to Harrods tomorrow?:))))

Charlestongirl said...

I would love to smell the fragrance, and I love Jennifer.

But...Let's assume women will be buying the fragrance (or will all those purchasing be men who are turned on by the photos?). I just don't understand the marketing approach to women. Are we supposed to feel like the fragrance will make us look as good as she does? :)

Clarisse, please let us know if you find it in Europe and can assess "sexy, clean, and floral"!