Monday, July 12, 2010

Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit

Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit ($30) is a new, limited-edition set available at Sephora. I was attracted by the adorable leopard print. I like it in clothing. Why not in makeup?

Bronze, blush, and brighten with this all-in-one complexion perfection collection containing three purrrfect shades to complement any pretty kitty's skin tone.

Charlie voted yes before I clicked to put it in my shopping cart. The set offers three very different shades. The new Peach Leopard imparts a soft and healthy natural peach glow. The new Candy Leopard is pink for a luminous, flush pop of color. The best-selling Pink Leopard contains golden bronze and gilded pinks to brighten any complexion. This palette provides a get-the-look face chart on the box, with easy-to-follow steps for creating a naturally glowing complexion. You can customize your bronze or blush by mixing shades to color and contour as the formula builds evenly for a flawless finish—from sheer to deep.

I applied multiple layers on my arm (with a sponge) to get this photo. The leopards are definitely sheer, which I consider a plus. Peach Leopard is at the top. You can see that it is not as shimmery as the other two shades. In the middle is the perfectly named Candy Leopard. My favorite shade, Pink Leopard, is shown at the bottom. Too Faced advertises the shades as mixable, and I agree. Want to add a little pink glow to the peach-bronze Peach Leopard. Top it with Candy Leopard. Like pinks? Mix Candy Leopard with Pink Leopard to make the shade your own. I love this palette!

The shades are shimmering, so apply them with a fluffy brush and lightly for a pretty glow. Or save them for your night on the town if you don't like any shine in your day look.

You can purchase Leopard Love at Sephora.

Palette photo courtesy of Sephora


Unknown said...

Fingers crossed! Also looking forward to your follower giveaway!

Clarisse said...

So cute!...I can imagine buying it just for the beauty of the kit...Charlie is a perfect gentleman with exquisite taste :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Stephanie and Clarisse!

I think the follower contest will go up Wednesday. Stay tuned. These pretty leopards are one of the prizes.

Clarisse, Charlie really does have good taste. Just imagine...

Me: Charlie, keep sleeping if I should order this.
Charlie: Sure, Mom!

Elizabeth Donskaya said...

are these soo shimmery like the other one cuz i hate how it brings out my pores!

Charlestongirl said...

Lizzard, they are shimmering - without a doubt. Try using one of those primers for oily skin (maybe the L'Oreal one?), and see if it minimizes your pores. Then you can sparkle with the rest of us. [wink]

Anonymous said...

I really want this! It looks so cute. I am a sucker for cute.

Charlestongirl said...

Totally agree - I'm a sucker for cute too. :)