Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mélange Solid Perfumes

When I read about Mélange Solid Perfumes ($15), I knew I needed to try them. They are all luxurious, blended with a base of natural beeswax and jojoba oil. The little pots of solid perfume are filled with concentrated fragrance that melts into the skin, dispersing the notes for a long-lasting treat.

You can wear the solid perfumes alone or mix them to create your own custom blend. They are a terrific size to pop into your purse if you want to keep a to-go scent with you.

The 28 solid perfumes are available in four groups: floral, green and citrus, fruit, and warm. Here are just a few of the beautiful floral and green/citrus fragrances available.
  • Paperwhite - fresh fragrance of paperwhite narcissus intertwined with green accords
  • Honeysuckle - the rich, sweet fragrance of the flowering vine with a citrus top note
  • Iris - a eloquent floral note that celebrates the beauty of this enduring flower
  • Polynesia - inspired by the tropical blooms of hibiscus and gardenia paired with lush Carambola starfruit
  • Lilac - the traditional flower of May; lively and true to the fragrance of the flower
  • Japanese Tea Rose - a sparkling rose with green accords
  • Frangipani - the seductive fragrance of the plumeria blossom blended with Tahitian gardenia
  • Melati Jasmine - the exotic fragrance of natural Indian jasmine
  • Neroli Blossom & Orange - the singular beauty of the white neroli blossom paired sweet orange essential oil
  • Sugandaraja Tuberose - captivating and rich Indian tuberose
  • Green Tea - bright and sweet notes of fresh camellia
  • Pomegranate & Grapefruit - a perfect balance of citrus with lush pomegranate
With a list like that, how do you choose? It's a good thing they are only $15! On my first pass through b~glowing, I ordered four. My second pass is going to be huge.

Melati Jasmine is still on its way. It had briefly sold out after being featured in the July issue of Real Simple magazine in a feature titled Energize Your Life. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, had said that jasmine increases beta waves, which makes you more awake and alert. Maybe that's why I have always loved jasmine?

I did receive Paperwhite, Lilac, and Honeysuckle. It's hard to describe my delight as I opened each with a big whiff. I wore Paperwhite the day after it arrived, and I'm pleased to report that the lush, sweet fragrance stayed with me all day!

Mélange Perfumes were created by Perfumer Denise Estrada and inspired by the popular fragrance bars and custom blending services at her previous Southern California retail stores, Mélange Apothecary, 155 South Apothecary, and Essenza. Where have they been all my life?

You can read more about Mélange, along with a blending guide, at the Mélange Web site. You can order from b~glowing and Mélange. I'm a b-glowing gal; I love their frequent specials, selection, service, and samples. There may even be a store near you that carries Mélange perfumes. Check out this link.

Photos courtesy of b~glowing


Unknown said...

I saw this in both InStyle and Real Simple and now your post. I am alsays on the hunt for new smellgoods. I ordered a few things including that Melati Jasmine. It is like waiting for Christmas, I can`t wait. Thank you for the info.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Regina!

I got the Melati Jasmine today. It's divine! I think you will love it. :)

Cherry said...

The whole Melange line including the fab new solid perfume palettes are available at The palette's let you create your own unique scent by blending the four coordinating scents in the palette. A really unique product that is easy to travel with too.