Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adara Organic Coconut Virgin Oil

On each visit to Art with Flowers in the Tysons Galleria, I find something new and delightful. Recently, it was Adara's Organic Coconut Virgin Oil ($30). True to its name, Adara (which means beauty in Greek and virgin in Arabic), Coconut Virgin Oil is made with a 100% extract of virgin coconut milk, pressed into an oil for face, body, and hair. It's luxurious and decadently rich!

Organic Coconut Virgin Oil includes good stuff for your skin, such as lauric acid, vitamin E, and antioxidants, and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The pure coconut oil is so fresh it is processed from its original coconut shell within 24 hours of harvesting and packaged in Singapore.

The oil is an intensive skin booster – it helps prevent premature aging and wrinkling, is perfect for dry rough patches, and aids in the removal of dead skin cells to promote new growth of smooth and supple skin. You can massage it into your hair and then cover with a shower cap or warm towel for a superbly deep conditioning treatment, or apply it on dry ends to smooth unruly locks. I poured a bit in my bath and soaked in it - heavenly. In the last few days, though, I have simply massaged it into my dry skin.

There is one unscented oil, to which you can add your favorite essential oil to create your own signature fragranced oil. There are five scented oils available, all with specially blended fragrances from Japan: Oriental Jasmine, Soothing Lavender, Heavenly Peach, Innocent Rose, and Refreshing Green Tea. I fell for Heavenly Peach. The Adara oil reminds me of Bio Oil, but with your choice of fragrance, it's more of an aromatherapy treat.

Because the oil is pure, you don't want to let it get too cold. If you do, it solidifies and you'll have to put the bottle in some warm water to re-liquify it. I brought home a solid bottle that had been stored in a cold room, but the heat from my home's second floor, with the gorgeous warm weather we had had, liquified it over a two-day period.

The Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available in two sizes at Art with Flowers, Amazon, and

Photo courtesy of Adara

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Joyce said...

That looks fun. Body oils make wonderful massage oils and I talk my loving husband into using them. Enuf said!