Friday, November 20, 2009

Prevage "Improvements" Announced

I get anxious when something I love is about to be discontinued or "enhanced." When I learned that Armani's Hydra Glow foundation was disappearing, Loyd scoured the country for 10 of them, giving me about a two-year reprieve that I'm still enjoying. Now, I'm worried about Elizabeth Arden's announcement that the company is giving Prevage a "facelift."

Today, WWD ran a story on the plans for Prevage. They sound good, but... I'll never forget a certain improvement that was made to a face cream I had used for a few years. It was for seriously dry and sensitive skin, and it worked really well. The maker, who shall go unnamed, decided to put Retinol in it. I even called the company and complained. "Don't you, the experts, know that Retinol can do serious damage to sensitive skin?" The representative basically told me I was "misinformed." I guess that meant my dermatologist was misinformed about my skin too.

So, with both anticipation and trepidation, I await the new, improved Prevage. Here's the scoop from WWD.

In mid-December through February, the newly formulated products will hit the counters. Elizabeth Park, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and General Manager of Elizabeth Arden U.S. told WWD, “This new formula represents a new generation of research, which allows the potent antioxidant idebenone to create enhanced protective, preventative, and corrective benefits. We’ve also discovered a way to buffer idebenone and deliver it in a way which is tolerated by even very sensitive skin. We are committed to staying in the forefront of technology of cosmeceuticals. We want to take it to the next level so we can always be the benchmark for the cosmeceutical field, which we pioneered with Prevage.” OK, I have to admit that sounds good. I know that other women with sensitive skin have had adverse reactions to Prevage.

“The new serum’s formula contains a blend of potent ingredients that can tackle the different types of free radicals to provide a higher level of protection,” added Vargas. “The specific antioxidants — thiotaine, bamboo isoflavones, Liprochroman 6, and a blend of green, yellow, and white tea — were chosen to support idebenone in the new formula, working as the first line of antioxidant defense and neutralizing different types of free radical activity. This allows idebenone to help prevent free radical activity and correct the visible effects of existing damage.” Hmm, multiple antioxidants; that sounds good too.

Also key is a new delivery system which pairs idebenone with a skin-compatible ester, providing a time-release reservoir of idebenone for the skin to use as needed, Vargas said. “This was inspired by studies showing how the body effectively stores vitamins and molecules by attaching them to a lipid. Our skin care researchers applied this research to the idebenone molecule found in the new serum to help create a reserve of idebenone to use when and where it’s is needed most. This allows for more efficient use of idebenone and has been shown to be more gentle and effective even on those with sensitive skin.”

In addition, WWD reported that Lys-lastine V was added to complement idebenone in an attempt to maintain skin’s look of elasticity. “The combination supports skin’s natural proteins, including elastin and collagen, to help skin look firmer, more toned and younger,” said Robin Mason, Vice President, Global Skin Care Marketing for Elizabeth Arden.

The serum is intended to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and discolorations, as well as minimize redness and the appearance of sun damage. Prevage MD (1% idebenone rather than the .5% available in "regular" Prevage) and Prevage Eye (newer) have made a world of difference to my skin! I have been using Prevage MD for years, and I don't know if it will be reformulated along with the regular Prevage, which is more easily located. I suspect it will be. So, in the interests of being prepared, I'll be ordering a year's supply tonight.

Of course I'll enthusiastically try the new serum (face and eye), but I'll have my back-up plan in place.

Photo and interviews courtesy of WWD


Unknown said...

I never tried Prevage but I heard many people had really bad allergic reaction to a certain ingredient, so maybe that's why Prevage decided to re-formulate?

Charlestongirl said...

It's interesting. My skin is so sensitive, but it likes Prevage MD just fine. But I have heard horror stories of red and peeling skin from retail reps whose customers returned Prevage. Proves our skins are all different!