Sunday, November 22, 2009

YSL's New Nude Rouge Volupté Colors

Three of the four, top to bottom:
#24 Praline Delight,
#26 Tender Peach, and #25 Soft Beige

I had written up this post; it was ready to go. It should be no surprise that beauty bloggers "write ahead." I like to have a few posts "in the can" so that if I come home from work tired, I can relax.

Then Friday, I read Gaia's excellent post on YSL's new Rouge Volupté shades at The Non-Blonde. You really should go over and read her review of our favorite shade from this new collection of four Rouge Volupté Lipsticks.

YSL tells us that there is nothing more "on trend" than a nude lip. They have created four new Rouge Volupté ($34) shades to help you achieve this look, and they are perfect foils for a smoky eye. You can select from from #23 Luscious Pink, #24 Praline Delight, #25 Soft Beige, and #26 Tender Peach.

I first saw the new Rouge Volupté display at Nordstrom. After trying all four shades, I selected #23, Luscious Pink (shown here), the same as Gaia's choice. This color is perfect with my fair skin tone and blond hair. Described as muted rose, Luscious Pink has enough color to perk up my appearance. I look blah with lips that are too light or beige. I'm not sure this shade qualifies as "nude," but I'll take "on trend" with a lipstick that looks this good.

The color is like my lips, only better. It's pink, but not loud - the perfect everyday color with a satin finish. I think this special color will work for many skin tones - and with different effects on all. Perhaps Luscious Pink would be nude for someone with darker skin. Praline Delight would look ghoulish on me, and the other two didn't appeal to me - probably because they were coral-toned shades.

My new lipstick is going to my office, where I'm sure I will wear it down to a nub while I keep my lips feeling moist and creamy. This one's a keeper!

You can purchase Rouge Volupté at YSL online, Saks, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Bloomingdale's.

Photos courtesy of Sephora


Unknown said...

very pretty colors. my lips are dark pink naturally so it is hard to get a nude lip look. when i was a teen i actually put concealer on my lips and gloss on top. my lips looked more white than nude and concealer dried my lips very bad!

Charlestongirl said...

You were a teen makeup artist, Anna! That's often how that true nude look is achieved - with primer or concealer. :)

Unknown said...

I bought #24 on Thursday. Very pretty.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there, VexInThe City!

Glad you like it! Nice photo, by the way. :)