Friday, November 6, 2009

"Panda Photographer" Jessie Cohen Dies

You probably didn't know Jessie Cohen, but I'll bet you knew her pictures. She shot millions of photographs of animals, the most famous of which were probably those of the adorable Tai Shan, shown above. Jessie's animal photographs have been published all over the world - in books and newspapers, on Web sites, and on greeting cards. Her artistic talent extended to all facets of nature, including the beautiful garden she created with her partner Rich Galloway.

Jessie Cohen, and an old friend of mine and fellow daylily lover, died on October 24 of breast cancer. She was 57. Rest in peace, Jessie. You left the world a better place.

Photo by Jessie Cohen


Margarete said...

This is sad news. I just love her photographs!

Charlestongirl said...

Yep, I cried through writing this post. She was the best. Her love for the animals showed in her photographs.

You should send one of your photos for BTiB readers - they are fabulous. I would love to post one!