Monday, November 23, 2009

Deborah Lippman - "The Voice of Nail Color"

Deborah Lippman made an appearance at Nordstrom at Tysons Corner a week ago at the Beauty Trends show. What a dynamo! Supported by her husband, she gave a brief, entertaining presentation as she described recent events in her life, shared a few celebrity stories, and told us about her newest nail colors. She also promised to look at any customer's hands and tell her the best nail shade to wear. I would have taken her up on her offer if it had not been for the hundreds of women who crowded her after the show.

Ruby Red Slippers, shown at the right in the picture here, is the hit of the season. Ruby Red Sippers is one of three shades in the limited-edition 10th Anniversary Set ($35). The other two are Superstar (copper-flecked fudge) and Funky Chunky (sequined sheer black). The sets are almost sold out at Lippman's Web site, so hurry over if you are interested. Who's wearing Ruby Red Slippers? Linda Evangelista and Megan Fox, to name just two famous "sets of hands." Lippman pointed out that red nails should be considered an accessory, so if you don't want to wade into "red" with shoes or a belt, nail color can be just as flashy.

Two gorgeous shades are featured in this month's InStyle. Don't Tell Mama ($16) is a dark, luscious blue-green shimmer, and Nefertiti ($16) is gold. I would love to wear either of them. Lippman told us that Dark Side of the Moon would also be featured in InStyle. Lest you think that dark colors will vanish with spring, Lippman said not so. The trend is anticipated to continue right into the "pastel months."

I found her description and demonstration of The Stripper ($16) fascinating. The Stripper will remove your nail lacquer - even dark and stubborn colors - quickly and easily. Just hold it on and press. No rubbing needed to wipe away the darkest colors. Not only that, The Stripper is enriched with aloe vera to prevent dehydration and lavender to provide anti-bacterial action while leaving a heavenly scent behind. The container is beyond practical. Its twist-lock pump will prevent spills, a real hazard if you have ever tried to remove nail lacquer while sitting on your couch. The Stripper is an Allure Best of Beauty winner. After watching her demo, I can see why! Her best selling product is The Material Girl Essentials Set ($49), which includes The Stripper.

Did you know she is also a singer? You can learn more about Lippman at her blog. If you visit, you can hear her sing! I listened as I wrote this post. She's good. You can find out more and check out her latest album, Vinyl, at her site.

Her nail products are available at Deborah Lippman online and at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Fun colors - they are worth a try!

Photos courtesy of Deborah Lippman

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lazy chick said...

i can vouch for the stripper polish remover...the stuff is incredible!!