Saturday, November 21, 2009

Armani Beauty Top Coat in Gold

Armani's little multipurpose charmer will surprise you! This Top Coat ($28), part of Giorgio Armani Beauty's Holiday Crystal Collection, is intended to be worn over mascara. Although it's called "Gold," it's really a bronze color and quite subtle for a top coat.

When it arrived at Saks in Chevy Chase, Loyd Cassler was raving about it. My first reaction was, "I don't need colored eyelashes." Silly me! The top coat, applied over my mascara, was gorgeous - something I would actually wear. It made my lashes shimmer. Then, the real surprise: Loyd showed me how to use it as a liner and a shadow. The color is gorgeous - bronze with just a bare hint or cast of olive in it (to my eye).

To use as a liner or shadow, he stuck a thin stick (the kind that has cotton on the other end that they use for testing) into the tube and applied a small amount of product to his palm. Then he went to work with a liner brush or shadow brush to apply the product where he wanted it. Loyd is a true artist! The results were fabulous.

This Holiday Crystal Collection was just announced on the Giorgio Armani Beauty Web site. It has been available at Saks since October, and one of the products that was selling out was the Top Coat. I'm glad I got mine.

Photo courtesy of Armani Beauty

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Bonnie said...

I checked out their website and even in the picture there the top coat looked like it had a tinge of olive to it. So glad to know that the reps are sharing multiple uses for their products, instead of trying to sell one item for every need. :-)