Tuesday, February 22, 2011

La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Collection for Summer 2011

First there was Cellular Treatment Body Spray ($115). Just in time for summer, we'll have a three new Cellular Energizing products in La Prairie's new Cellular Energizing Body Collection.
  • Cellular Energizing Body Spray ($70 for 50 ml)
  • Cellular Energizing Body Lotion (65 for 150 ml)
  • Cellular Energizing Bath and Shower Gelee ($60 for 150 ml)
All three products contain La Prairie’s Cellular Complex, which combines glycoproteins, ginseng root, and horse tail extracts to nourish and energize the skin. The Cellular Energizing Body Spray contains heather extract that helps soothe and pamper the skin. Sea acids provide an excellent source of AHAs for gentle and effective exfoliation. The Cellular Energizing Body Lotion moisturizes the skin with extracts of grape seed oil, rice bran oil, and shea butter. Also, white willow bark extract enhances and brightens skin tone.

The Body Fragrance blends La Prairie's Swiss skin care with an uplifting fragrance to lavish the body and energize the soul. It's one part skin care, one part fragrance. With new products, anyone who has lived in and loved the Body Spray can treat herself (or himself) to the equivalent of surround sound. Those who haven't tried the Body Spray may be tempted to try one of the new products, such as the body lotion, with its moisturizing effects to enhance the fragrance.

The scent of these products is an aromatherapy treat. It has an element of crisp, citrus freshness and another element that I think is floral. I don't know how to describe it beyond that. It's named well because the fragrance is energizing - it gets you going in the morning. Some people have written that the fragrance is unisex. I can understand that characterization, but I think it's more feminine than masculine.

The new products will be available at your La Prairie counter in late May. Make sure to stop by for a whiff!

Photo courtesy of La Prairie

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