Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge for Spring 2011

One hit followed by another - that is how I think about Shiseido now. The new introductions for Spring 2011 are fabulous. From skin care to makeup, there's something for everyone. Women everywhere are going to love the new Shimmering Rouge ($25), a sheer lip color that feels and looks great. There are 13 new shades. Make sure to get yours before the stores start to sell out of the most popular shades!

I'm a sheer lipstick addict, and the moment I saw Shimmering Rouge at Sephora, I ordered three shades. After I received them, Shiseido sent me a fourth. I felt very special to have these four new goodies in my makeup bag. Shiseido says they offer sheer, brilliant color that infuses lips with lasting moisture and fullness. "Lips have never looked so all-day sensuous." I don't know about the sensuous part. "Sensuous" is not high on my priority list on most days, but I care as much about looking good as most glamour girls. I can verify the rest of the description!

Apply these lipsticks, and you will be immediately pleased by how you look. I put on Discretion (RD713) first, and I jumped for joy. You know I love sheer and transparent lip colors. They can be semi-sheer or completely sheer; I love their natural look. Wearing them makes you look like yourself, only better. I know that's becoming a hackneyed description, but it's true.

All of the shades add semi-sheer, gleaming (not glittery or sparkly), and just-pretty color to the lips. At right, there's a photo of my four shades (so far). My photo was taken indoors in sunlight. From top to bottom, the shades are Iron Maiden (RS308), Lounge (RD709), Discretion (RD713), and Sizzle (OR405). If you compare these shades to the Sephora color swatches, you'll see significant color differences.

Hands down, my favorite among four great shades is Discretion. The mauve-rose shade is perfect for my coloring, and I adore it. I was surprised at how much I like Sizzle, the shade Shiseido sent me. Normally, I wouldn't gravitate to a shade with "OR" (meaning orange family) in its preface. I think this peach shade is gorgeous on the lips. Iron Maiden is bright blue-pink. If you can wear blue-pinks, you will like this one. Lounge is a hard color to nail in a description. It has elements of apricot, rose, and brown. On the lips, it's a very natural color.

Shimmering Rouge has a very reasonable wear time for a sheer lipstick. I don't mind reapplying throughout the day. I would rather have the brilliant, glowing, unfaded color than a long-lasting lipstick that looks like a stain in an hour - and feels like chalk. Another benefit to Shimmering Rouge, there's no detectable fragrance or taste - yippee!

Next Shimmering Rouge purchases? I am sure to order Champagne (PK311), Desire (RD406), Golden Dragon (RD601), and Iced Rose (RS312). I had a hard time selecting only three on my first pass, but I knew I would get a better feel for the shades after trying a few. I may be headed to Sephora online today. I'm feeling housebound anyhow. I will show them to you when they arrive.

You can purchase Shiseido makeup at Macy's, Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Saks, and Dillard’s. To get more information or to find a store location near you, just pop over to the Shiseido Web site.

Photo at top courtesy of Shiseido


LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

Quick- zip over to Shiseido's FB page- they have a contest to win ALL 20 of the Shimmering Rouges. Contest ends at 8AM EST 2/20/12.
Send me a couple if you win (wink wink)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks for the tip! Deal!