Friday, February 18, 2011

Clé de Peau La Beauté Éblouissante Collection for Spring 2011

Clé de Peau Beauté's La Beauté Éblouissante Collection for spring is compact, but rich. A loose translation of "éblouissante" is brilliant - a perfect description for the colors.

There are two new Eye Color Quads, three new shades of Touche de Rouge lipstick (see feature below), and four new shades of Rouge à Lèvres (Extra Rich Lipstick). Today, I will recap the new colors. I think I have better swatch photos of the Eye Color Quads than I grabbed earlier in the week.

The Eye Color Quads ($55) are #206, at top in the photo at left, and #207. The overlay with Clé de Peau's logo gives them a very classy look, but you will lose those logos as soon as you use the shadows. No matter, these sheer, shimmering shades are luscious.

My swatch photos were taken outdoors in full sun. The shadows were applied with sponge-tipped applicators. The first quad, 206, is swatched at right. The base color on the left side of the palette is shown at the top, and I swatched left to right (for both quads). The base shade is almost skin-toned, so I had a very hard time getting it to show up in the photos I snapped. In the pan, it appears (to me) to be slightly darker than my skin tone, but once it's applied, it's pretty close. I hope you can see that it has slightly more beige-pink in it than my skin has. The next shade is grey, although it appears taupe in the pan. On my skin, it translates to a gorgeous, shimmering, light grey. The copper shade offers punch to the palette. It coordinates perfectly with the narrow band of light, camel brown that's on the right of the palette and at the bottom of my photo. I will have many combinations to explore as I wear these shadows.

The equally gorgeous 207 is shown at left. The base shade, shown at the top of my arm is rose gold, and the next shade below is a much lighter version of it. These are two of the prettiest rose golds I have ever seen. The two grey shades have a hint of ice blue, making them very interesting. Don't these four shades coordinate beautifully?

There are four new Rouge à Lèvres ($60) shades. Extra Rich Lipstick, inspired by nature's temptress, the rose, creates a creamy, rich texture that intensely moisturizes the lips with every application. It's filled with ingredients to soothe the lips, including vitamin A acetate to help prevent and diminish lines and retain moisture (creating full, smooth-looking lips); and Clé de Peau's exclusive Transparent Red Powder, a special pigment with spherical powders that allows it to retain its vibrant, translucent color over time without dulling.

On top of that, the baguette diamond shape allows you to achieve a precise and beautiful finish - as if the lipstick were applied with a lip brush. The corners of the baguette shape are designed to draw smooth, natural lines and fill in the corners and edges of the lips.

The four new shades are R7 and R8 and T6 and T7. T6 and T7 were perfect for my coloring, so they live at my house now. They are shown on my arm, with T6 at the top and T7 below. My photo was taken indoors in sunlight. Beyond being gorgeous, these shades are saturated (without being opaque), shiny, and, in my opinion, gorgeous. The two I didn't purchase are in the red family. I'm partial to the Ts. They suit me nicely.

I told you about the new Touche de Rouge ($52) shades yesterday, so there is no sense in my gushing again. Just scroll down to read that feature or click here.

I am unequivocally smitten with Clé de Peau's La Beauté Éblouissante Collection for Spring 2011. I feel like I stumbled into a gold mine. Make sure to look for the new colors when you go shopping at Nieman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, or wherever you purchase Clé de Peau.

Photo of Amanda Seyfried by Clé de Peau Beauté


michelle said...

I love Cle de Peau, and 90% of my makeup is higher end (Chanel, Nars, Bobbi Brown, etc), but $60 for lipstick? Seriously, I spend upwards of $40 for Chanel and others and that's because they have shades that are sooo different. I can't get behind spending $60 for lipstick and then seeing that they also have an eyeshadow quad for $55? It just seems odd to me.

Charlestongirl said...

I know, it seems like a lot of money. I think the reason the eye shadows seem like less is that you don't get a case with them. You have to pay extra for that. If you buy a case for each, they are pricey!

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Cle de Peau Extra Silky lipstick #210 and I love it! It is so light and moisturizing that I want it in nearly every color. It gives my lips the right hint of color for that natural look. However, the price tag was higher than most high ends. The refills are $35.00 and the lipstick holder is $25.00. I had to spend $60.00 for both for the first time. It is worth every penny! I would buy again.