Saturday, February 19, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kit

There's not doubt in my mind that Le Métier de Beauté's latest Kaleidoscope for eyes was intended to create a multidimensional, seductive, smoky eye. The shades smolder, so it's named perfectly. The Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kit ($95) has four shades, all very different, that are perfect for layering and blending to create a smoky eye.

I called Dustin Lujan, Le Métier de Beauté national makeup artist extraordinaire, at Bergdorf Goodman to order mine. I had seen an advance peek at Fab over Forty. I had expected it to ship Monday. Yesterday, I was thrilled to read Gaia's review at The Non-Blonde, which sent me into a greater state of anticipation. Hours later, mine arrived via UPS. Despite the fact that I don't often create a smoky eye (I lead a relatively boring life), I'll be happy to reach for this eye kit when I want some drama.

Gaia had names for the shades, so I am using her names. All of the shades shimmer. My swatch photo was taken indoors in sunlight. I applied the shadows using sponge-tipped applicators.

The top shade, First Love, is the base shade in the palette, and it's appears to be a very light, skin-toned beige in the compact. On my skin, it has a white cast that makes it a perfect highlighter. The next shade, Love Struck, looks brown in the pan. Instead, it's a vibrant dark khaki with golden shimmer. That swipe on my arm at right was created with one pass of the applicator! I have to remember that when I use it, with a brush and swiped across the pan with much less pressure.

The shade that appears in the kit to be red, In Love, is actually an orange-copper on my skin (pfew!). Shades in this family bring out the blue in my eyes, so I will play with it with a light hand. The shade reminds me of Enrichissant from Le Cirque Kaleidoscope, which looked equally scary in the pan.

The bottom shade, Lovelorn, may be my favorite. It appears to be a pure charcoal in the pan. On my skin, it adopts a hint of brown. With its silvery sparkle, I think it's a chameleon. I suspect it's going to be a bit different on everyone.

I haven't had the Kaleidoscope long enough to work with it to discover its potential, but I know Le Métier de Beauté well now. I know there are enchanting secrets to be discovered through experimentation.

Le Métier de Beauté's True Color Eyeshadows offer versatility, superior blendability, and great color pay-off. They are ulta-fine powder shadows that cling to the skin and last forever. They offer adjustable coverage, from very sheer to intensely pigmented - all up to you and your hand. Interestingly (to me), they are never exactly the color I expect when I look at the pan in the store - or even at home. On the skin, they are transformed into shades that find a way to flatter, even when I have my doubts. I don't know how they do that!

Le Métier de Beauté has been building a Web site, and I discovered this morning that it's alive now. Gals without access to a counter can surf and window shop. Smoldering Embarkment was introduced for February, and so far, it has not arrived at Neiman Marcus. I don't know if Nordstrom has it either. I believe the only place you can get it now is at Bergdorf Goodman. No one at Neiman Marcus has been able to tell me if or when it will be available. So, give the Bergdorf Goodman counter a call if you want one. The store number is (212) 753-7300. The shipping was $12.50, but there was no tax charged.


Charlestongirl said...

Yep! It gets the creative juices flowing, BroncoMom! :)

Diane said...

You are a bad influence. Just when I convinced myself that I didn't need this kit you post about it. Now I'm back to staring at my phone wondering if I should call Bergdorfs. My lunch break is coming and I'm scared I will be on the phone with Dustin instead of eating my lunch. =P

Charlestongirl said...

That gave me a good chuckle, Diane!

Here is how you decide...Do you like a strong eye? Buy it! Are you a shrinking violet? Buy different LMdB colors.

It's worth calling Dustin anyhow. He can share all his tricks. I am going to have to figure them out myself with this one. He's off to London soon.

Lisa said...

I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey Lisa!

SK-II is one of those brands I'm afraid of. It is expensive, and I'm afraid I will fall in love with it. Every time I look at Cate Blanchett, I want to try it!

I have asked for samples and never been able to get them. Oh, reps have offered to make me a sample, digging into a communal pot, but I don't want contaminated samples. So I have remained SK-II-less.

So thanks - a whole lot. :) Now you have rekindled the I-wants!

kellinicole86 said...

so after stalking blogs with photos of this I finally caved and just called Bergdorf's (not sure if I talked to the famous Dustin or not - having read so much about him I felt like I was calling a rock start lol) and ordered this. I don't have anything too similar already in my collection which helped to justify the purchase. Plus, I'm going on a trip to Vegas and want to pack light and figured this along with the Le Cirque kit would be all that I would need. Oh, how we rationalize : )

I did ask him if it would be available elsewhere and he said no and that they we're getting low on stock and that I was lucky to have called today.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kellinicole!

Dustin is the only guy at the counter, so you must have talked to him! The rock star. :)

I'll tweet that low-stock warning later so the procrastinators see it.

gogogirl said...

there are 3 guys at the counter so who knows? lol

Charlestongirl said...

Three at LMdB? Really? I've never talked to anyone but Dustin, Gogogirl. And - is it Kelly? I remember a K name.