Monday, July 18, 2011

Lancôme Shimmer Pink Pool Blush Subtil Shimmer

Sometimes, there's buried treasure right before your eyes. Lancôme's Shimmer Pink Pool Blush Subtil Shimmer ($29.50) is a treasure that's been available for a long time at your favorite Lancôme counter. The only mention I've been able to find on a beauty blog is Karla Sugar's; she swatched it with other Blush Subtil shades.

How could such a pretty pink blush escape widespread love and adoration? One answer may lie with the photos at Lancôme's Web site. The blush in the photo at top left looks peachy pink. The blush is not. It's a medium pink, lightly touched by silver shimmer. Shimmer Pink Pool will flatter both warm and cool skin tones, imparting a pretty pink, radiant glow.

It's not easy to photograph the shade. My own photos in the compact were far from perfect. I included a close-up at right, but you'll see better renderings of the shade on my skin below.

This luxuriously silky powder blush glides on to color and contour for a flawless application every time. You can easily modulate the intensity with a fluff of your blush brush. The silky soft, "micro-bubble" formula (whatever that means) glides on easily and evenly and lasts all day. It's oil-free and oil-absorbing - perfect for summer - yet moisture-balancing, making it ideal for all skin types.

For my swatch photos, I applied Shimmer Pink Pool extremely heavily with a dense blush brush. I would never wear it like this (don't even consider it!), but I wanted you to see the color well, especially since I was taking photos in strong, full, afternoon sun. The shade reflects the sun's bright light, but also has a shimmer of its own.

It's a stunning pink shade, one that straddles the line between warm and cool, making it ideal for many of us. When applied normally and combined with a warm pink lip gloss, it will make you look feminine, fresh, and flirty.

Since it's not new, you should be able to find it at your favorite Lancôme counter. I know you can purchase it at Lancôme online. Check it out the next time you go shopping! I received mine as a gift from a friend, reminding me that there's always buried treasure at the makeup counter.

Photos courtesy of Lancôme and by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

Oh, my goodness! This is a Lancôme classic! A dear friend of mine who has the fairest of fair Irish complexions with platinum blond hair and spring green eyes has worn this for years and always looks gorgeous. The natural pink in my cheeks is too much for it, but on her it is perfection. For women who find Orgasm too warm, Shimmer Pink Pool might be the answer because of the silver. I think the name is supposed to evoke the image of shimmering pink light reflecting off a pool of silvery water. Whatever image comes to mind, though, there is a name for the color: beautiful. Shimmer Pink Pool is worth a trip to the Lancôme counter.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen!

I love the comparison to NARS Orgasm. Yes, it is too warm for some complexions - or perhaps for a look - and Shimmer Pink Pool is perfect when Orgasm isn't. I was surprised by how much I liked it.

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

That looks absolutely lovely on you! So sheer and shimmery, but such a gorgeous pink at the same time. The texture looks amazing.

Thank you so much for reviewing looks like something that could reach HG status for me. I'm going to have to go to my counter to check it out.


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Shannon!

Let us know what you think. I haven't checked, but it may be so old that you can find it at discount sites.

lovethescents said...

I must compare this to my Chanel Tweed Corail. They do look quite similar!