Monday, July 11, 2011

LIERAC Sensorielle - Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers

White flower lovers, rejoice! If you happen to love body, face, and hair oils too, head for your closest LIERAC source (CVS for me). LIERAC launched Sensorielle, "Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers," in Collection Blanche (Huile Sensorielle aux 3 Fleurs, $34) this spring.

In April, I read about this gorgeous oil in WWD's Beauty Inc. It was featured in an "In Stores Now" feature. So, I hopped in my car and drove to the closest CVS. I had to have it - right then and there. It wasn't in stock, but knowing that the closest CVS has lost its beauty expert, I decided to try two other nearby stores. I was obsessed! I didn't find it that day, or the next, or even a few weeks later. One day in June, as I was strolling by the LIERAC display, it caught my eye, and it was finally mine. It was worth the wait!

White flowers (camellia, jasmine, and gardenia) join argan, sweet almond, grape seed, and hazelnut oils in this multitasking elixir for body, hair, and face. The luxurious sensory oil provides 24-hour hydration that nourishes and softens the skin and hair. The fragrance is absolutely intoxicating. It's light, refreshing, and relaxing.

Sensorielle provides long-lasting moisture. I've been using it on my body before bed, and I drift off to sleep feeling cleanly moist. It's a dry oil, meaning it doesn't feel greasy, and it absorbs quickly, leaving behind a sublime scent that I can smell many hours later. Last night, I happened to awaken about four hours after I had applied it. Always testing, I smelled my arms to see if the white flowers were still there. They were; it was a light, comforting scent, one that helped me drift off again. Eight hours later? I could still smell it.

It has a spray cap, which I love, except that the spray dispenses as a stream. If it were diffused, I could spray it right onto my target areas. Instead, I spray it into my palm and apply it with my hands. The good news is that my hands are left with a divine smell, since the oil itself absorbs so quickly. I don't bother to wash it off.

I have never used Sensorielle on my hair. I'm not a big fan of oils to de-frizz or hydrate my hair. My hair is too fine and will go limp with only the suggestion of weight (or humidity). I'm sure those who love argan and other oils for their hair will love Sensorielle too. I do plan to use it in my bath water, as soon as I get a second bottle. For now, I don't want to waste any of this precious elixir by mixing it with water.

You can find Sensorielle at your favorite source for LIERAC products or at LIERAC's Web site. It's a must-have for white flower lovers!

Update 7/12: I forgot to mention that Sensorielle is a limited edition. The bottle tag reminded me today.

Photo courtesy of LIERAC


lovethescents said...

Oooh, I do love big white flowers. I also love oils on my skin for hydration, particularly during the winter. I'll definitely keep a lookout for this one. Thank you!

Hlopushka said...

I havre a bunch of Clarins oils but after your review I think I need this one too:))...Right now!!
Can you use it for face as well?

Liz said...

This oil sounds divine. I love body & face oils & am keeping my fingers crossed I can find it at my CVS. xoLiz

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

This one is dreamy. I think it will pass muster. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there, Hlopushka!

Yes, you can use it on your face, just like argan and other oils. It's quite nice for dry faces.

Charlestongirl said...

Liz, does your CVS have a "high-end" section for LIERAC, LRP, etc.? If so, they should have Sensorielle. I have had mine for a month.

Amber Ehrlich said...

I have a CVS outing planned today, so this was perfect timing! Cheers :)

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
No wonder you love it too, it is absolutely divine! I did the same thing as you: as soon as I read about it in March, I went to my parapharmacy and there it was (it's easier here since Liérac is French) I bought it and have used it everyday since... IT's wonderful on the skin and the fragrance is so delightful...

Hlopushka said...

Big thanks:)
Recently I've been using argan oil a lot and absolutely love it.
Ehh.....taking money out of my pocket:)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Amber, hope you found it!

Clarisse, I think you were the sister (the soul sister) I never had!

Hey Hlopushka!
At least it's not horribly expensive. :)

Daly Beauty said...

Oh wow. You had me at "Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers". Must get.

Charlestongirl said...

They had me there too, Jane! I needed it from the moment I saw it in Beauty Inc.

Bari said...

Ha! I saw this at CVS yesterday and sampled it on my arm. I wanted to buy it - before I lost the huge Extra Bucks coupon I'd just gotten - but actually thought to see if you knew about it first as you've written about other products with argan oil- What timing for your post! Thanks so much - I'll head back to CVS!

Charlestongirl said...


That reminds me...I have an Extra Bucks coupon I must find to use. Yea!