Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe another year has passed. I'll bet most of us are thinking about 2012 and what the past year brought into our lives - good or bad, personal or worldwide. I can tell you I'm hoping 2013 will be better for everyone.

In the United States, we've seen unthinkable tragedies, most recently the shootings in Newtown and Webster, and natural disasters. It will be another year or more before many of superstorm Sandy's victims can put their lives back together. I hurt for them.

Politically, we've seen another round of elections, but little has changed. Radical ideologues have prevented our country from coming together to compromise on things as simple as helping out the middle class and ensuring that the elderly continue to have a quality Medicare program - one in which doctors are willing to participate. I'll bet you old style town halls could have figured this out by now, but the lights are mostly off on Capitol Hill. As I prepare for a night's sleep, I know we are diving off the so-called fiscal cliff. Why?

So many people don't have jobs. There are reasons for some (e.g., skills that are no longer needed, B.A.'s in philosophy), but not all. Why? I think the dysfunctional House and Senate create anxiety for American businesses. They can't tell which end is up, so they hold back on spending. I can't say 2012 has been a good year for the United States.

We lost so many historic figures in 2012. Whitney Houston, Mike Wallace, Maurice Sendak, Nora Ephron, Sally Ride, Neil Armstrong, Andy Williams, Jack Klugman, Larry Hagman, Don Cornelius, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Dick Clark...I could keep going. Many of them left us way too early, making their loss even more heartbreaking. Will New Year's Eve ever be the same without Dick Clark?

I hope the United States and NATO pull out of Afghanistan in 2013. We aren't wanted there, and centuries have shown that our continued presence, and loss of good men and women, won't change a thing. There will be no sustainable economic, political, or human rights changes in that country, so why bother to stay to "train" people who are killing their trainers? Sorry, I realize I'm getting political, but I want our military men, women, and dogs to come home. Now there's Syria. Why don't the Arab states of the Middle East go try to fix that civil war? Why are we and our allies always called to intervene? The brutality of the current regime has been hard to watch, but watch we must.

At least it's been a good year for our favorite royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate). We are as thrilled as our friends in Great Britain that a royal baby is on the way. I wish Kate well and hope the rest of her pregnancy will be smoother than the early months. I think that news, the Queen's diamond jubilee, and the Olympics were good for our closest ally.

Fortunately, we misinterpreted the Mayans, and we're looking forward to 2013. I'm wising for a great year from personal perspective. I'd like to lose my back and hip pain and find a new, fun consulting job. The one I had ended this month with the end of a contract. I want Mom, Charlie, and Savannah to be well and enjoy their lives. Do you think it would be greedy to want to win the lottery?

There's more, of course - bigger hopes that I fear won't be realized in a year. I'd like to live in an era when animal abuse becomes a thing of the past, everyone starts to care about our environment and plays an active role in saving the Earth. Human rights abuses become a thing of the past, peace reins, and a cycle of prosperity overtakes the world. I'd also love to see a few political leaders emerge - real, inspirational leaders. You have to have hope.

What about you? Care to join me in musing on 2012 and 2013?

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear!! I really hope that 2013 will be a much better year for us, and for the world as a whole.
Have a safe and happy new year!!

Evelyn said...

2012 was quite a roller coaster of a year for me. I finished my degree to become a new psychologist despite a number of challenges, one of which was my ex. Within a month of my defense the engagement & relationship ended. If you're not with me through the hard times, I don't want you in the good times. It's been a huge learning experience on all fronts and if I've come out of it all just a little bit wiser, then it's a win!

Certainly everything that's happened in the world has put personal issues in perspective. Things happen but you can get over them and focus instead on doing good in the world. So that's what I'm going to continue to do in 2013, re-infuse with enthusiasm the work that I do with cancer patients and their families. I'll try to be a light in my corner of the world.

I'd like to wish everyone a better and happier 2013 with a sprinkle of Meteorites on top! May all your wishes come true!

tweenymama said...

The end of animal abuse is my most passionate wish as well. The end of royalty is down on the list a ways, but it IS there . . . and I am of German descent -- just like the "British" "royal" family. Otherwise, thanks for this lovely post, CG!

Charlestongirl said...

Happy New Year, Ashesela!

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, did I know we share an education?

I'm sorry about your ex, but someone better will come along. Maybe in 2013!

Happy New Year!

Charlestongirl said...

Happy New Year, tweenymama! I am only 1/4 GB and the rest German. I still find Will and Kate fascinating. They seem to have it so together. She seems to be a great role model for young ladies.

Evelyn said...

I think you had mentioned once that you were an experimental psychologist. I was surprised because I didn't think too many women went in that direction. I went in for clinical psych but with a health specialty because I've always been interested in the interaction of mind and body. :)

I'm fine about the ex, it would have ended in divorce #2 for me if I had gone ahead with things. Psychologist, heal thyself! lol I'm more aware of patterns now so I can make better choices for whatever 2013 and the future bring me.

Will and Kate, I'm just happy that they aren't repeating the life of Diana and Charles. I was a little girl when they got married, I do remember watching the wedding. They never had the kind of ease, natural love and enthusiasm Will and Kate appear to have. Even as Americans (and me not being even remotely a Brit or northern European) we can be happy for that.

Happy New Year to us all!

Anonymous said...

I accept your patriotism, but do you sincerely believe your country is motivated by humanitarian goodwill when they enter places like Afghnistan. You condemn this country, "There will be no sustainable economic, political, or human rights changes in that country, so why bother to stay to "train" people who are killing their trainers?" and dismiss their prevailing politic - are their 'depotic' regimes really all that worse than the mayhem that your country's leaders have systematically unleashed in te Us and globally? You note the failings yourself ....
I enjoy your dedication to beauty in your blog; I am however hoping that your focus on the beauty in life, does not serve to blur your view on the realities this same life represents. Maybe, just maybe, the US model of life is not universally applicable....

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Happy New Year! There is no question that our US model of government is not working very well lately. All our bickering politicians are very frustrating,'s still better than many alternatives. Having just read how common rape of women in India is, I'm appalled that we send them foreign aid! I'm an equal opportunity critic. :)

I do not want to lose more of our citizens protecting people and governments who/that do not want us there. We are a generous people (perhaps because we have the means to give), but fighting to preserve a government that is as flawed as Afghanistan's is doesn't appeal to many Americans.

I do not believe we entered the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes. Anyone who does is misinformed. We entered under the guise of wiping out the Taliban and their brand of terrorism. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the narrowness of that mission and are trying to "rebuild" the country. I hope for peace and human rights for that country, but think nothing WE do will bring that to its citizens. They must claim and demand it themselves.

World peace can get pretty complicated. That's why I want to save our young men and women from further sacrifice. For what?

End of rant.

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, all the young ladies in my grad classes went into clinical. Sometimes, I wish I had. Looking back, I think I could have been happy doing that. Good luck to you! I hear it can get pretty depressing if you are empathetic.

Ditto on Charles and Diana vs. Will and Kate. I fear Diana was swept up by currents she could not foresee at her young age. I still remember crying for days after she was killed. Such loss, such doom. I think the Will and Kate story will be very different, and I hope for a life of love for them.

Ava said...

Anonymous, No we weren't motivated by humanitarian impulses when we invaded Afghanistan. We did so after intelligence indicated that Osama Bin Laden, who ordered the 9/11 attacks, was there. We attempted to do some good while there, but as CG has said, it seems like a lost cause for many of us. Most Americans and the Obama administration think it's time for the US to pull out, but it's never simple for a country to extricate itself from such situations.

Megan said...

Happy New Year! I am a huge fan of you and your blog. I emailed you once about a product and you emailed me right back. I wanted to thank you for mentioning the shooting in Webster. I am from that community and we are all just heartbroken. Although even with all the horrible heartbreak we have come together in such an amazing way. Hope 2013 will be a year of love and empathy....and fabulous make-up, of course! : )

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Ava.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Megan!

I was devastated by that murder. I am very close to the McLean Volunteer Fire Department and its members, and I saw them in the shoes of the guys at Webster. Tore me up.

glossgirl19 said...

It was such a tragic situation. People just out trying to help someone. So sad.

szilva33 said...

Dear Charleston Girl!

I wish you in 2013 to find a really fun and challenging new contact very soon and to get rid of your health problemes...This is of cours a little bit selfish wish, as if you are fine , it means for aus a lot of new exciting revieuws:)
Yours from Hungary

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, glossgirl,

I just makes me sick to my stomach. How could anyone - however insane and evil - do such a thing?

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, szilva33! Was calling around to try to get some results today.