Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa's Little Helper

Today, I decided that Best Things in Beauty could serve as Santa's little helper. I've always hated the idea of making lists of things I'd like Santa (i.e., my parents) to bring me at Christmas. I thought Santa ought to know what I'd like to have - what would delight me. God bless him; Santa never had a clue.

Here's your chance to list some things you'd love to see under the tree. Just make sure your comment (err, list) is identifiable, and leave your wish list here. Then tell your own sweet Santa where he or she might get some ideas.

Santa may ask me where he can find an item or two on your wish list, so I'll be monitoring this feature for Santa's shopping questions. I've always wanted to be a personal shopper.

P.S. Santa, you can find me at if you are short of elves.

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grlnxdor said...

What a great idea Charlestongirl! Here is my wish list:
Dior 3-Colour Smoky Eye Palette in Smoky Khaki
Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie
Chanel Blush in Malice
Nars Blush in Sex Appeal
Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Earth Angel
Burberry Eye Quint(?) in Pink Taupe
Burberry Lip Velvet(?) in Pink Apricot

Swathi Narumanchi said...

This sounds like fun! On a side not of happiness : My brother got selected for university and he will be flying in less than 10 days ! Odd mixture of happy and sad !

My wish list would be:
Burberry eye quad in Dark Spices
Burberry lip velvet in Antique Pink
LMdB Bauhaus eye kit
Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick

Tania G said...

I love this idea! i would love Burberry Eyeshadow in Rosewood
Burberry Lipstick in Dusty Rose
Viva La Juicy perfume
Any Chanel Blush
Chanel Eye Quad in Spices or Mystic Eyes
These are the things I wanted for so so long but can never ever buy for myself. Happy Holidays!

Icaria said...

So far I can only think of:
Chanel powder compact
Guerlain Les Météorites
Shu Uemura Gold lash curler
A carré de soie by Hermès

Alicia said...

Disney Cinderella Compact Mirror (only available at the few Sephora stores that still have it in stock; is sold out online and won't replenish their stock, I called and asked earlier today; the Sephora store near me doesn't even carry this item; the Sephora stores that DO still have it can't ship it to me because it's against policy. Grrrrrrr...)

If you have a few extra of these beautiful mirrors, could I buy one from you? I can send the $20 plus S&H via PayPal. Alicia dot Stender at gmail dot com

lovethescents said...

My wishlist is so long and completely unrealistic. My husband and I will not be exchanging gifts: all continues to be pooled for the greater good, the hopes of a September vacation!

What, Charlestongirl, is on your list? :-)

tasa said...

Charlestongirl, you are amazing!

I'm planning on having a low-key holiday with my family and looking forward to it very much.

My wishlist has very few cosmetics items on it--and tops is the Cle de Peau limited edition eyeshadow in 116, that gorgeous burgundy.

But the holidays always bring out the inner book hoarder in me :) And the short days call out for more candles, tea, blankets and coziness generally.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and enjoying some of your favorites now that the days are so short.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey y'all,

No one wants an emerald ring? Seriously, if you are going to direct your friends and relatives here, you can out outside makeup.

What do I want, Lovethescents? A new consulting engagement.

Marta said...

My list is shamefully long, but, I guess I can narrow it. Here's to hoping!

Armani Quad in Boudoir
Chanel Resort 2013 Powder
LMdB Bauhaus Eye Kit
Sonoma Scent Studio Ambre Noir
Ormonde Jayne scent sampler