Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eau de Parfums

Rouge Bunny Rouge has introduced its first fragrances - three new Eau de Parfums ($129 each) that will tempt any Rouge Bunny Rouge devotee. Chatoyant, Lilt, and Vespers left me with a decision. Could I purchase only one, exercising self-control that's rare for me? Can you guess the answer was no? I had to have two, and now I'm coveting the third.

As with Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup, there's a whimsical story to accompany the new fragrances. I had to read this one twice to fully understand the nuances of the fairy tale - and I had to look up the meaning of one word!

Buried deep below the Enchanted Garden, accessible only through a winding maze of caves, lies the Vault of Captured Memories. Behind a multitude of invulnerable doors, the Connoisseurs of Scent work tirelessly over their luscious spoils. Gathering the mists of memories and emotions from baffled senses, they harness the vapors into innumerable flacons of glass. A myriad of aromas, resplendent with botanicals and the mystical adventures of otherworldly dwellers, conjure the mysterious and venerate unbounded beauty. Collected fragrant wisps that evoke the garden's heart beat like a pulse in the hushed air.

Merged in an unfolding story of exquisite fragrant confections that are quieted, calmed, and hypnotically charmed into vessels, each precious essence is bound by phellem and placed in a labyrinth of tiny vestibules. Here the captured odors surrender to lucid dreams until gently roused from fathomless slumber. Then with the unparalleled capacity to recount their ethereal world without words, they once again glitter afresh and pursue rapturous flight.

The Connoisseurs sit in judgement over who may enter the antechamber to receive aromatic breaths that give pleasure, establish harmony, excite curiosity, and kindle reflection. Each diffuses good and bestows a blessing, gift, power, or treasure; first upon its new owner, then through them, to the world.

Wow, I am blessed to own Chatoyant, Lilt, and I feel especially privileged that the Connoisseurs felt I was worthy. Beautyhabit was my enabler. I'm sure they explained to the Connoisseurs that I purchase only the best.

Chatoyant Eau de Parfum is a resounding ode to the temperamental feline species of the botanical world, the orchid, a beautifully quirky fragrance that exquisitely melds different worlds. Fall prey to a curious odor with a passionately impulsive bloom. Fine-spun lemon, cocooned in rising bergamot bubbles, causes initial raptures of purring delight. I love the analogy to the cat, a most discriminating animal.

Chatoyant opens with bergamot and lemon, with the citrus dry and elegant. The heart notes are orchid, jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley - aristocrats in the world of fragrance. In Chatoyant, none of the florals are dominant. Base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, and a touch of vanilla preserve the floral and citrus notes on dry-down while adding a subtle touch of wood. I'm wearing Chatoyant as I write, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. To my nose, it signals Italian elegance.

Lilt Eau de Parfum is more than the sum of its parts. It will charm you to follow its scent, repeatedly smelling your arm (should you test it there) wondering how its notes were combined to produce such a dry scent from what should be a sweet and green composition.

Lilt opens with green leaf accord and fig leaf. Deepening at its heart to peach, coco, and violet, it repeatedly beckons the nose seeking to define its appeal. The surprising dry-down is a combination of vetiver and musk, which is a pleasant surprise.

I love Chatoyant and Lilt. I know many perfumistas, as they are often called, like to make comparisons to existing fragrances, but I cannot identify other fragrances that duplicate the wonder of these beautiful scents. I must find out which perfumer created them. With Tom Ford, that's darn near impossible. Perhaps it won't be top secret for Rouge Bunny Rouge. I'll let you know.

Now I want the third, Vespers. The two I have are that good. I'm told I'll succumb to diaphanous wisps of scent that swathe the skin and tease the senses with a confident allure. Carved in the coiled tendrils of sweet woods is a perfumed invitation to graciously descend through a canopy of billowing blossoms. With notes of bergamot, cinnamon bark, violet leaves, black pepper, green apple, lily of the valley, rose, violet, cedarwood, musk, and vanilla, I expect a mix of greens and florals with a touch of wood and the additional dimension of pepper. I wish Beautyhabit has sent along a sample. It would have sealed the sale, I'm sure.

You can purchase these elegant new fragrances at Beautyhabit, Zuneta, and from Rouge Bunny Rouge, which sent me an e-mail yesterday about new makeup. That's my next mission.

Photo at top courtesy of Beautyhabit


lovethescents said...

Oh my! You make these sound VERY interesting! Chatoyant sounds very the cedar hamster-cagey at all? That would be my only issue. I often have a hard time with that note, on my self.

Lilt sounds delightful as well. And did you say coco? As in NUT? That's the magic word!!

Thanks for these delightful reviews :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

I don't think the coco means coconut. I think it means cocoa. Hard to tell for sure.

lovethescents said...

Cocoa? Interesting.....reminds me of Cocoa Tuberose by PPC. I think you've tried that one?

Either way, they both sound great ;-)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Lilt sounds lovely to me. And actually, Vespers was the first one to appeal to me on the website. I think the packaging is beautiful, too. (and that always works on me, doesn't it on you, too?) Great review! (btw, was "Phellulm" the word?)