Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tarte The Perfect Pink Holiday 2012 Exclusive Cheek Stain in Shimmering Pink

Wouldn't you know? I got mine last week, having paid full price, and now it's on sale. You can purchase Tarte's The Perfect Pink Holiday Exclusive Cheek Stain for $21 instead of $28.

Give a little tint this holiday season with this limited-edition exclusive cheek stain in “the perfect pink.” Tarte’s award-winning and best-selling Cheek Stain gives you a gorgeous, natural pink  flush in a creamy gel consistency.

This lightweight "glow-getter" imparts a natural sheen, like someone just pinched your cheeks, but better. Get the look of love and an instant pop of soft and dreamy color by applying this to the apples of your cheeks. Unlike traditional stains that are hard to apply, this goof-proof tint melts into skin easily and gives you 20 seconds of blending time before it sets in place for all day wear.

The first one I ordered and received was a disappointment. You know how Tarte tops its Cheek Stains with a plastic, protective covering? You simply lift them off carefully and you're good to go. Except...when I carefully lifted the covering, the whole column of color lifted off with it. There was no way I was going to remove it without destroying the product, which had fused to the lid. I called Tarte, they e-mailed me a postage-free return label, and promised they would overnight a replacement. I did get a replacement, but it was about five days after they should have received the return.

You can see the flaky product on the edges where I pulled the cap off of this one. It's fine. If I had taken my finger and smoothed it down, it would not be noticeable. Note to Tarte: You really should design those plastic gizmos so that they "latch" to the plastic container, not adhere to the product. The packaging is the only thing about this Cheek Stain that isn't perfect.

Shimmering Pink was designed for the Holiday season, but it's a year-round delight, as well as being a superb shade for spring. I took my swatch photos in full sun in shivering, windy cold. I can see that my arm starting to show goosebumps. I did not blend the stain - just applied it straight from the tube using the tube. The sheen offered by this beautiful pastel pink blush is gorgeous.

It may be too light for those with dark skin, but on pale or medium skin, it blends into healthy glow. I think it's very pretty. Because my photos were taken in full sun, the color appears a bit more iridescent than it is in "real life" - applied and blended properly.

For anyone who didn't purchase one before Christmas, it's now a steal. Check it out at Tarte's Web site, where you can find some other amazing deals.

Photo at top courtesy of Tarte; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


DivaDebbi said...

I love my Tarte Cheek stains and this looks gorgeous. Do you know if this was available at Sephora to test the color?


Charlestongirl said...

I don't think so, Debbi. It was a exclusive.