Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers for Spring 2014

The new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers ($49) for Spring 2014 are gorgeous. Of the eight available shades, I selected three: 02, Pink Dune; 04, Summer Fling; and 07 Paradiso. They are shown in that order above, from left to right. Because they are sheer, it was almost a given that I would be smitten.

Harmonizing sensuous shades of shimmering nudes and hot, vivid colors, the limited-edition Tom Ford Sheer Collection delivers an irresistible effect that complements sun-kissed, summer skin. A blend of shea butter and vitamins C and E helps lavish the lips with saturated moisture. The distinct, beveled Lip Color Sheer bullet is packaged in a retro-chic, ivory- and gold-colored Tom Ford case.

I took swatch photos of them this past weekend. It was very cold out when I did that, so you can see a map of my veins along with the colors. What a bonus!

Pink Dune, shown at the top of my arm, actually shows up on my lips. It's a pink-tinted nude on me. Summer Fling definitely offers more pink pigmentation. It is cool-toned with medium intensity, while Paradiso, shown at the bottom in my photos, is a vibrant pink on me. It's about as dark as I'd wear for an everyday look. The photo below is a bit washed out, but it was the best I could do with all that blinding snow reflecting the sunshine. I'm not complaining about sunshine.

These lip colors have a fragrance. It is light, but be warned if you don't like to taste or smell in your lip color. They offer average wear. They sure feel good, though.

The Lip Color Sheers are accompanied by four new nail lacquer shades to make up Tom Ford's Spring 2014 Collection. You can see the nail lacquers in a collection photo at Chic Profile. Since the collection has been on counters for weeks, I'll bet Tom Ford fans have already made their selections.

Photo by Best Things in Beauty


Jo said...

Hi CG, I could not resist this collection. I bought Pink Dune, Summer Fling and In the Buff and 3nail polishes, the coral, sugar dune and incandescence. LOVE everything. The lipsticks have a beautiful, soothing, softening balm feel that I love. He really knocked it out of the park with this collection! But what else is new for TF.

Eileen said...

I bought Summer Fling and Paradiso and adore them both. Summer Fling is actually quite warm on me and is very reminiscent of TF's color story from last summer with all the golden pinks. It's a cheerful swipe and go type of color with a good dose of gold micro-glitter. I know glitter is an issue for some women, but I find Summer Fling very comfortable and not in the least bit gritty. Paradiso is a sultry, tropical type of color on my lips. For me, it is more of an evening color. Although it doesn't have any micro-shimmer, it still manages to make my lips look soft and full thanks to the moisturizers that it contains. It's a beautiful shade--makes me want to wear my hair down and stick a hibiscus behind my ear! LOL

As for pigmentation and wear time, I think these fall in between TF's classic and shine formulations. TF calls them sheers, but they really aren't. They're better described as semi-opaque. Whatever you want to call them, though, they're a lovely formulation.

Gauri said...

Moral of the story?? I clearly need all 3. Give me all the color sheers!!

Charlestongirl said...

I agree, Eileen, the darker shades are not "all that sheer." I guess in Tom Ford's vamp world, with women in dark, saturated lipsticks (see his ads), these are sheer. :) The lighter shades are - the ones I selected. I would argue that the darker shades are not sheer (but then I didn't buy them).

Anonymous said...

I bough two lip sheers, Summer Fling and the somewhat hyped Pink Dune. I like Summer Fling more, perhaps Pink Dune will look better with a bit of a tan. I love the smell and wear. The shape is a little odd and the container is big which is not ideal IMO. I prefer the sleekness of the Chanel lipstick containers.
Eileen, your description of wanting to wear Paradiso makes me happy!

Eileen said...

Hi Tanja,

I'm with you regarding the shape of the case and the bullet. I dislike the square shape of the case because it feels awkward and uncomfortable in my hand. As for the pointed, squared off edges of the bullet, I really disliked those so I gently rubbed them down a bit. I know, sacrilege seeing as how much these beauties cost! LOL I understand the sharp edge is for precise control (Clé de Peau also does that), but when I need precision, I use a brush or line my lips first. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of these, though, if TF decided to release more colors :-)

Sharina said...

Eileen!! Please do the beauty world a huge favor and start a beauty blog! :-) We'd really surely absolutely 100% love it ;)

Eileen said...

Thank you, Sharina for the lovely words. Judging from your picture, you're as beautiful as you are kind.

Unknown said...

Beautiful swatches! I am really looking forward to his 2014 summer collection. I have already seen several pieces that I know that I want. Just when
I think I'm done with him, he pulls me right back again. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, I agree with Sharina: please start a beauty blog! I just love reading your comments, and your beauty picks are very similar to mine. I even have an idea for your first post: 'My Meteorites Collection' :-)) Marina