Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eulogy for a Blush: Giorgio Armani Beauty Sheer Blush #10

No photo of Giorgio Armani's Sheer Blush does it justice. My photo above was taken years ago. I'd go outside and take another now (with a much better camera), but it's dark outside. Called simply Beige by Armani, Sheer Blush #10 is the blush that does it all.
  • Despite how it looks in the compact, it works on everyone's skin - from ivory to chocolate.
  • It adds color with a radiance that is undeniable.
  • It offers a one-size-fits-all blend of pink, gold, and beige with a microshimmer that will never make you look glittery.
  • You can apply it softly for an everyday look or more dramatically for a look with more punch.
  • I think it's the perfect blush. So do a lot of others.
Here is a photo of my friend Lexi wearing #10 after a "makeover" by Loyd Cassler a few years ago. Does it get prettier? See that blush on Lexi's cheeks? It's perfect.

Legions of women (possibly men too) have succumbed to the lure of #10. That is why I must sorrowfully report that Giorgio Armani Beauty has discontinued it. How on earth do companies make these decisions? This decision was, in my humble opinion, just plain stupid. Along with the demise of Sheer Blush #10, Bronzer #1, another Armani icon, has been discontinued.

Tim Quinn said of #10, "I was thinking that the end of #10 is rather like a classic vintage Hollywood story - gone much too soon and at the height of its career - truly an icon now and will continue to be the inspiration for years to come. The new #10 has all the beauty, talent, and charm, with a touch more advanced formula."

The good news is that I'm telling you this today. There is a good stock of Blush #10 and Sheer Bronzer #1 - the products that converted countless women to Armani Beauty - at store counters. Let the hoarding begin! As soon as I found out about the discontinuation, I bought enough of both to take me to the grave. If you are as much of a fan as I am, place your order quickly. Call your favorite counter and secure your back-ups. Wait too long, and you'll be trolling eBay, paying twice what you might pay today. Trust me; act quickly.

There are replacement products - the new introductions - and they are beautiful. I bought "the new #10" and will show you swatch photos this week. The photo below shows the new Armani powder blushes. It was taken indoors at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase.

While in the store, I also took a photo of the four new bronzers. Ranging from #100 to #400, there is one for every skin tone. I purchased #100.

I am sure I will love the new colors, but just in case you feel like an sinking woman without a life preserver, you too can have a lifetime supply of blush and bronzer in the tried-and-true colors and formulas that I cherish. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Lexi looks radiant! I've never tried or even swatches Giorgio Armani blush or bronzer before... looks like it's time to change that.

Anonymous said...

I'm on it! Thanks for the heads up :))

Denise at aeiokid at gmail dot com

Adam & Susan said...

ordered! my first Armani blush! :) thank you CG!

Anonymous said...

The only blusher I have used all the way through to the pan ! Thank you for the heads up CG.


grace32187 said...


Like you, I have favorite powder products that I hoard when I find out they are being discontinued :P. How long do you generally keep blushes for? I know there are supposed "expiration dates" but it would be great if you could share what you do. I'm trying to find a balance between industry-created guidelines and my own personal wants/needs

cytaormina said...

Thanks for the PSA. Just picked up a back up.

LilJeJa said...

It has been on my nordstrom wishlist forever! I keep delaying to buy it. Just ordered it. So sad they are getting rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I rushed right over to Nordstrom.com to place my order. Can't wait to see the "new" colors.

Unknown said...

Love #10! Bought it based on your recommendation and the general consensus that it is an amazing blush. Unfortunately, my current stash of Chanel, Tom Ford, Aerin and others has me stocked for an insane amount of time- 10 years maybe?!?! As I've been cutting back on makeup spending I can't justify getting a backup. I thought my Chanel Rose Bronze was similar, but I just checked and it is more peachy than Armani #10.

bisbee said...

Based on your post, I placed my order before #10 is gone!

Deb said...

Thanks for the heads up CG. I just ordered this from Nordie's. It's my first Armani blush but if it's all the hype makes it out to be I figured, why not?

And to grace32187: my personal experience with powder products is they never go bad. However, I don't share mine with anyone and I am religious about cleaning my brushes which I think is key to maintaining the quality of the product. Once a year, I take all of my powder shadows, blushes, and face powders and lay them out on a towel. I then spritz them with 91% isopropyl alcohol and then just let them dry. It's important to use 91% because it dries faster and your product isn't soaking in alcohol for a long time. If there is any bacteria in a powder product, it is only on the top layer and this method takes care of that. There are several good tutorials on YouTube for sterilizing powder makeup, you might want to look at some of those. I highly encourage you to only look at those videos by professional makeup artists; not those done by some random teenager. You will find this method quite popular in the professional community.

I don't wear makeup every day so I've had some of my powder products literally for years. I have a mix of mid range and very high end stuff, so I had a vested interest in this same topic and do my research. I have never had a single problem with any of my products using this method and I'm still using them with no problems.

Some may disagree, but my own personal opinion is that the recommended expiration date on powder products is bogus...if you take care of your stuff and don't share it with others.

Hope that helps.

Paula said...


which blush is the "new Blush #10"?
I had a hard time, finde a substitute.
Have not found one yet.

Which blush would be a nice substitute?

Thank you!