Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dior Summer 2014 Transatlantique Collection for Saks Fifth Avenue - Sunrise and Beige Songe

When I was at Saks Fifth Avenue this past weekend, I ran right into Dior's Saks-exclusive Transatlantique Collection for Summer 2014. There were some extremely tempting pieces on the carefully edited display. Nail colors, lip colors, eye colors and a Nude Tan Shimmer Powder - eye-catching colors. Some of the pieces will eventually be available at other stores; others won't. I purchased three pieces. Today, I'll show you the lip colors that captured me.

The Limited Edition Transatlantique Color Collection was inspired by Christian Dior’s love for travel and the brand’s spirit for timeless elegance and playfulness. The collection boasts classic, elegant shades contrasted by bold pops of color.

Rouge Dior Couture Colour & Voluptuous Care Lipstick ($34) in Sunrise is a new, limited-edition shade - a beautiful, warm sunrise pink. It's shown in my photo directly below.

Dior Addict Gloss Mirror Shine Volume & Care ($29.50), shown below in Beige Songe, is also a new, limited-edition shade. The soft, sandy, shimmering beige was designed to complement Sunrise.

I fell in love with these shades at the counter. My love grew when I got home and started playing with them - alone and together. I took swatch photos in full sun, with Sunrise at the top of my arm and Beige  Songe below.

As you can see, they are both deliciously shiny. They offer the same qualities that have kept me in Dior lip colors for many years. They feel good and look good. What more can I expect?

I adore the pink shade of Sunrise. Could you find a dupe out there? I'm sure. Why, though, when Sunrise is so classy for spring. I'll wear it year round, but those who love to change out their colors with the seasons will find Sunrise a beautiful addition for spring and summer.

Beige Songe isn't distinctive, but it's a great neutral. It proves very subtle color when worn alone, but adds a sheer, luminous glow to top any lipstick in any color.

You can purchase these lip colors today at Saks Fifth Avenue at counters and online. I'll show you the stunning, high-wattage shimmer powder tomorrow. I couldn't resist.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Sabrina said...

I'm trying to resist the lip items but your post is so lovely!

melisand61 said...

I usually don't wear pink lipstick, but Sunrise looks like an easy to wear, neutral pink. Gorgeous.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Sabrina. They are worth a look-see. I was smitten.

Anonymous said...

I like these a lot. The lip stick is a bit like TF Summer Fling, isn't it?
I hope the nail polishes will eventually come to Nordis - would love to see them IRL.

Eileen said...

Sunrise is so very pretty and is the perfect kind of color to wear to brunch when you want to look polished but casual. It's also the kind of color I like when I have places to go and people to see in the morning. There's enough warmth and color to bring some life to my face :-) I'll definitely want to put this on my "to see" list.

Unknown said...

Dior Transatlantic, Sunrise is so perfect brunch is very nice and good color to wear if you want to look polished, but casual. Also, I like the color in the morning when you go to places and people I have seen. It is not enough to bring the warmth and color of my face