Monday, April 28, 2014

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Tonka Impériale for Summer 2014

Guerlain's beautiful new Rouge Automatique ($36) in Tonka Impériale, #602, was created for the Summer 2014 Collection. This limited-edition nude is another milestone nude. I love it, even more so because I bought it blind.

Automatically fashionable: as coveted as an it-bag. As glamorous as stilettos. Automatically innovative: on first glance, you will love the elegance of this structural case. Then, you are smitten with its unprecedented opening system: click, clack, and away you go. You open and close it with just one hand. A second-skin texture and impeccable coverage. Boosted colors thanks to the crystal pigment that reveals luminous, bright and pure shades, with no white effect. Remarkable hold that combines immediate comfort and lasting radiance. Automatically colorful: a flight of reds, oranges, pinks and beiges.

My photos were taken in full sunshine. I wanted to show you how pretty this nude is, with its undertones of a warm pink.

Isn't this a gorgeous warm, summer color? I am totally smitten. I have very few favorite nude lipsticks, and Tonka Impériale has jumped into the selective favorites group. This Rouge Automatique adds a subtle shine and does have a subtle scent, which disappears quickly. The wear is average. That seems to differ within the line from one color to the next.

I purchased my Guerlain treasure from the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas. I see that Tonka Impériale is available at Nordstrom online, so it has probably arrived at Guerlain counters by now. I've had mine for weeks.

Photo at top courtesy of Chic Profile; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Jo said...

That is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a must have for me.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful shade. It reminded me of Chanel Canaille blush, it would pair perfectly with it.


Eileen said...

I just about swooned when I tried this on for the first time. It is such a kind and flattering nude--especially on those of us who are more--ahem!--mature :-) It's soft and definitely nude, but it has enough warmth and pink to it that it looks natural rather than cadaverous. I've always believed that the best nude is one that blends with your natural lip tone rather than fighting it. My feeling is, if you have to erase your natural lip color with concealer in order to wear a nude, it is probably not going to be very attractive. Oh sure, you can do it, but colorless, lifeless, zombie lips went out with the sixties! Been there, seen that, done that! LOL I much prefer the beautiful spectrum of modern nudes that are currently available--like Tonka Impériale.

Vanessa said...

I am glad that the sun shining so you could take a picture. Such a beautiful color with lovely depth.

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

What are your other favorite nudes????


Whitney said...

CG, I must say keep up the good work! I find myself unsubscribing from other bloggers but continuing to look forward to your posts. Thanks for keeping it real and simple.


Little Red said...

For me, Trish McEvoy Lip Color in Natural is the perfect MLBB color for me. This looks to be another good choice.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

On your arm it is so pretty with the gold flecks. Ah me! I want it. And I will pray for your dear mom. I know the feeling...I worry about my mother's well-being too. You are a great loving daughter CG.

Unknown said...

Tonka is just up my alley. The glitter is subtle and the shade's plain gorgeous.